Scrabble Battle Winners Declared!

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scrabble10Kelly Laycock

The Scrabble team at the library has come to a decision. With the dwindling board space, and with summer holidays keeping people busy, but mostly because of the extreme point gap between our members and the library staff, we’ve decided it’s time to declare a Scrabble Battle Winner! We have had a lot of fun trying to outscore you, but we clearly were up against some serious Scrabblers.

Final scores are:
LSS Members: 354
LSS Library: 274

Congratulations to everyone who faithfully contributed such great, innovation-themed words to us over the past 8 weeks. Thanks to your participation, we have amassed an inspiring array of words that fit the theme of the Fall Issue of the Benchers’ Digest: INNOVATION.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Fall Issue, available online at the beginning of September! Until then, take a break with our Summer Issue. Have a safe and relaxing summer!

One thought on “Scrabble Battle Winners Declared!

    Rob said:
    July 26, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    That was fun. Thanks!


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