Scrabble Battle Week 7

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scrabble9By Kelly Laycock

So last week was a bit of a blow to our fragile egos here at the library (your 93 points to our 42 points), but we have managed to win this week’s battle with the word QUEST for 48 points. Over the last six weeks, we’ve received some great submissions from our members, and this week’s word comes from a submission that didn’t quite make the cut in a previous week: FRESH for 22 points. The final scores after week 7 are as follows:

LSS Members: 291
LSSL Staff: 265

We may have won the battle this week, but the war is far from over! Scrabble Battle deadline for Week 8 is Thursday, July 21. Thanks to everyone who submitted innovative and inspiring words this week.

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Blog: Legal Sourcery
Facebook: Law Society of Saskatchewan
Twitter: @LawSocietySask

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