Scrabble Battle Week 6

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scrabble8By Kelly Laycock

Ok, ok, ok. So the Library staff lost the lead last week. I don’t think that is any reason to rub it in our faces! We had a number of impressive submissions from our members this week, but none so impressive as the word MAXIMIZE for 93 points! That’s not even including the 50 bonus points that would normally be awarded in the board game for using all of your letters in one turn. (Since we are choosing whatever letters we want, we think that’s bonus enough. We hope you agree!)

So how can the Library possibly compete with that this week? Well, the only thing left for us to do was tag along on your success by adding DARE to the end of it, which MAXIMIZED our points for a total of 42. So the new scores stand as follows:

LSS Members: 269
LSSL Staff: 217

So we are halfway through our Summer Scrabble Battle, and as the board starts filling in, the game is on! Thanks for all of the fantastic words this week. Scrabble Battle deadline for Week 7 is Thursday, July 14. Until next week…

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