Scrabble Battle Week 4

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scrabble6By Kelly Laycock

We received some fantastic submissions for words to add to the board this week, words that even outdid last week’s impressive 40 points! Thanks to everyone who spent time thinking up the best word to beat us with. This week’s winning word is ADAPT for 47 points! Wow. I’m afraid we did our best to beat it here at the library, but IMPROVE for 34 points is no match. The final scores after week 4 are as follows:

LSS Members: 136
LSSL Staff: 141

Just a reminder, like regular Scrabble, try to keep your words to 7 letters or less, but unlike the board game, we put no restriction on how many times letters can show up on the board. Scrabble Battle deadline for Week 5: Thursday, June 30.

Submit to:
Blog: Legal Sourcery
Facebook: Law Society of Saskatchewan
Twitter: @LawSocietySask


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