Annual General Meeting 2016

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By Judy Langford, Communications Coordinator
Law Society of Saskatchewan

The Law Society’s 2016 Annual General Meeting and dinner took place June 16 in Saskatoon. In a break with tradition, the AGM included a CPD panel discussion on entity regulation. A knowledgeable group of Benchers from BC, Ontario and Saskatchewan, plus the President of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, shared their perspectives on entity regulation, followed by questions and comments from participants.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan is considering making some changes to the way it regulates the profession. The Law Society began consultation with the membership regarding entity regulation in April of this year. If adopted by the Benchers, this would be an additional regulatory tool that would direct some aspects of regulation at the entity a lawyer practices within, such as a law firm or other business unit. A consultation website has been set up at and members are encouraged to make their views known before the June 30th deadline.
The panel discussion was followed by a formal dinner and the business meeting. Highlights included the review of the annual report and financial statements , greetings from Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant, QC and the presentation of awards.

The CBA Community Service Award was presented to Mr. Justice Peter Whitmore. Senior Life Memberships were presented to three recipients, James Anderson, QC, Franklin MacBean, QC, and William Preston, QC.

Tom Schonhoffer, QC, Executive Director or the Law Society of Saskatchewan and James Anderson, QC, Senior Life Member
Merlis Belsher and Manny Sonnenschein, QC
Chief Justice R.G. Richards, Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan and Perry Erhardt, QC, President of the Law Society of Saskatchewan

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