Time’s Running Out: Law Society Consultation on Entity Regulation

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entityregBy Melanie Hodges Neufeld

Saskatchewan lawyers, you have until June 30th to share your opinion on entity regulation!

Driven in part by new technologies, new business models and access to justice concerns, the practice of law, the public demand for legal services and the regulation of the legal profession around the world are changing.  In collaboration with the Law Societies of Alberta and Manitoba, the Law Society of Saskatchewan is consulting with Saskatchewan lawyers to shape the future of regulation and delivery of legal services in our province.

The consultation will focus on what types of organizations (entities) should be regulated by the Law Society.  It will consider an approach where legal organizations are told what outcomes are expected of them, but not how to deliver them, providing the organization with the flexibility and autonomy to achieve the required outcomes.

To take part, please visit www.lawsocietylistens.ca, where you can learn more about the consultation topics and answer the survey questions.  You will first have to register on the top right-hand corner of the site.  It may take a few moments to receive your registration link via email.  Once you have registered, you can submit general questions and written submissions in the “Starting the Dialogue” window and answer the specific survey questions about “Entity Regulation” and “Compliance-based Entity Regulation”by visiting those sections of the website.  You can also provide your input in a very preliminary discussion about “Alternative Business Structures.”

For further information, the site also includes explanatory videos, articles about the consultation topics and Frequently Asked Questions.  The consultation topics were also covered in detail in a formal discussion paper authored by the Prairie law societies in November 2015 which we encourage you to read for further information.

In addition to the information you will find on the site, we are offering further consultation opportunities to engage the greatest number of lawyers possible, including:

  • A free webinarwas presented by Benchers of the Law Society on May 18th. If you missed it, the recorded version still qualifies for 1 ethics CPD hour. To order the recorded version of the webinar, please contact Linda Euteneier (CPD Administrator) at (306) 569-8242 or Linda@lawsociety.sk.ca.
  • A panel discussion was held at our AGMin Saskatoon on June 16th at 4 pm for a face-to-face opportunity to learn about and discuss the issues and share your input.

The consultation website will be open until June 30. We encourage you to visit www.lawsocietylistens.ca to start the dialogue!

NOTE:  If you receive a “Site Block” message, your work place may have a very secure system that requires permission to be granted to access web sites.  Please allow access to the domain name:  www.lawsocietylistens.ca in order to visit our consultation website.

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