Don’t Miss the Benchers’ Digest Summer Issue

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By Kelly Laycock

The Summer 2016 issue of the Benchers’ Digest is now available! The editorial team at the Law Society Library has been working hard since January to fill the pages of the Summer issue with content that our members will be interested in. With the redesign we rolled out in the Spring 2016 issue, we have more room for thought-provoking pieces by our Benchers and other members who have something they want to share, all in an eye-catching new format.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out, but if not, here are a few highlights from the Summer 2016 issue to whet your appetite:


  • Inner City Asset: A Mentoring Q&A with CLASSIC’s Chantelle Johnson, Sarah Buhler and Nicholas Blenkinsop
  • With Great Power There Must Come Great Responsibility by Jody Martin
  • The Pros of Lending a Hand: Pro Bono Law’s Mentoring Program by Kara-Dawn Jordan


  • Let It Begin With Me: A Personal Look at Mental Health and Addictions by Ronni A. Nordal


  • Law Day Events a Success
  • CBA 2015 Louis St. Laurent Award
  • Home-Grown Pride: Provincially Elected Alumni


  • Mentoring Call-Out: Answers from You


  • Libraries Up and Running by Melanie Hodges Neufeld & Sarah Roussel-Lewis


  • Pro Bono Volunteer Profile: Janice Gingell by Kara-Dawn Jordan


  • Federation News by Greg Walen, QC
  • Annual General Meeting: A New Approach


The Fall Issue is now in production, and the theme is Innovation. If you have any exciting projects or initiatives on the go that you’d like other members to hear about, drop us a line and we will work with you to promote it in the next issue. See our submission guidelines on page 35 of the Summer issue. Our submission deadline is July 18, 2016.

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