Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan Nominated for Hugh Lawford Award

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We are excited to announce that Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan, The Court of Appeal Rules & Act Annotated  has been nominated for the Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing.  The Hugh Lawford Award is granted annually by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) to a publisher that has demonstrated excellence by publishing a work, series, website or e-product that makes a significant contribution to legal research and scholarship. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 16, 2016.

The nominees this year are:

  • BC CLE Online
  • Quickscribe 2.0
  • WestlawNext Canada
  • Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan

From the CALL AGM Agenda:

BC CLE Online. The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia is the most respected source of legal information and continuing professional education for British Columbia lawyers and their staff. We provide high-quality, accessible, relevant, and practical legal education and resources.

CLE Online is the home of CLEBC’s online subscription services. Six different legal information and education resources are included: Online Practice Manuals: CLEBC’s flagship resource of 48 authoritative, practical, detailed, and comprehensive practice manuals created by highly respected BC judges, lawyers, and law professors. Regularly updated; includes downloadable forms and precedents. CLEBC Precedent Collection: includes hundreds of downloadable forms and precedents covering a broad range of practice areas along with a helpful short description. Webinar Archives: recordings of presentations from most of our past courses; provides easy access to the individual topics covering more than 30 practice areas.  Online Course Materials: includes all course materials back to 2001; thousands of papers in 25 areas of practice. Case Digest Connection: digests of all BC cases since 1996; includes a weekly email service and access to an archive of all digested cases digested.

Quickscribe 2.0 (Quickscribe Services Ltd.) As an alternative to the British Columbia government’s legislative website, Quickscribe provides up-to-date consolidated legislation, point-in-time legislation, and the current status of bills, regulations and Orders in Council. The online service features unique PDF tools, historical research tools and customizable alerts that notify subscribers of both recent and proposed changes to laws of their choosing. Quickscribe has historically provided access to legislation that is consolidated weeks before other sources and routinely publishes early consolidations not found elsewhere.

The company recently launched Quickscribe 2.0, which allows subscribers to add annotations to British Columbia legislation. Users have the option to keep these annotations private, to limit access to these annotations to the members of their organization, or to make them available to all Quickscribe users. The organizational annotation component is designed to facilitate discussion and collaboration between colleagues who operate within the same area of practice. Quickscribe has also selected more than two dozen respected legal professionals who provide ongoing commentary and legislative insight with links to relevant case law. Clients can follow users and receive notification when new annotations are posted to laws of their choosing. Quickscribe’s clients now include every major law firm in BC, CLE, CLBC and majority of BC Government Ministries and Crown Corporations

WestlawNext Canada is an intuitive, state-of-the-art legal research solution. It was designed with the whole research process in mind — with the awareness that the goal of research is not simply to find cases on point but rather to discover the law. WestlawNext Canada preserves and enhances what users valued in Westlaw Canada, its predecessor product, while introducing new approaches to information integration and retrieval, research organization and collaboration. Key features include – a powerful, easy-to-use interface; a new search environment in which users can simultaneously search across 11 different content types using either a Boolean search or one of Canada’s most advanced plain language search engines; the unprecedented breadth and depth of the primary and secondary content collections, including a large  collection of actually filed court documents and; intelligent foldering and collaboration tools. These key differentiating factors demonstrate Thomson Reuters’ commitment to quality and continuous innovation and enable legal professionals, using WestlawNext Canada, to research with greater efficiency, effectiveness and confidence.

Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan: The Court of Appeal Act and Rules Annotated. 1st ed. (Regina: Law Society of Saskatchewan Library, 2015).

With expert knowledge gained over almost 34 years on the Court of Appeal, former Justice Stuart J. Cameron carefully guides users through the sometimes-complicated legislation and rules of the province’s highest court. This welcome resource provides practical commentary on case law and legislation in one comprehensive, easy-to-use guide. Features include: Forms, Practice Directives, Tariff of Costs, Fees Regulations , Table of Cases, Table of Statutes , Full Index.

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