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By Barbra Bailey
Policy Counsel, Law Society of Saskatchewan

Survey – Expanding the Responsibilities of Non-lawyer Legal Service Providers – Open until May 12, 2016.

The Ministry of Justice and the Law Society of Saskatchewan have jointly undertaken a project to explore the possibility of expanding the scope of non-lawyer legal services providers. The objective would be to increase access to justice by making some services available to members of the public without the need to engage a lawyer’s services. A short consultation paper describing the project can be found here.

At this stage, we have no preconceived ideas about what services could be provided, what form of training/licensing might be necessary, or who the service providers would be or how these individuals would be regulated. We have developed two surveys, one for the public and another for lawyers and others who currently provide legal services in some form. The surveys are designed to help determine perspectives and needs regarding expanded legal services and are part of an extensive consultation with legal organizations and other stakeholders within Saskatchewan’s justice system.

The survey for legal service providers can be completed by following this link:

The survey for members of the public can be completed by following this link:

You are also encouraged to forward these surveys to any other person or group that you believe would be interested in completing them. We are asking that the surveys be completed by May 12, 2016. We will be considering next steps once we have the survey results.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important initiative.

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