New Journals Issues – March 2016 #3

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By Ken Fox

Canadian Class Action Review
Volume 11, Number 2 (March 2016)

  • Introduction / Harvey T Strosberg
  • Catch and Release: Class Actions and Solvent Third Parties under the CCAA / Lauren Pearce
  • No Right without a Remedy? The Potential Role of Class Actions in Police Accountability and Defending Charter Rights / Regan S Christensen
  • La procédure d’autorisation d’un recours collectif et les espoirs brisés du principe de proportionnalité / Alexandra Belley-McKinnon
  • Class Action Trends in Quebec and What They Mean for Your Business / Shaun Finn
  • When Numbers Tell a Story: A Quantitative Look at Certification Decisions in Ontario / Daniel EH Bach and Ronald Podolny
  • Developing a Consistent Approach to Balance Distributions in Quebec / Chris Trivisonno
  • Common Law Securities Misrepresentation Claims — Still with Us in the Post-Green Era? / Andrea Laing and Helen Richards
  • . . . And Yet So Far? The Utility of the Cy Près Doctrine in Class Proceedings against the Crown / Aaron Dewitt


University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 66, Number 1 (Winter 2016)

  • Introduction: Public Law for the Twenty-first century / David Dyzenhaus
  • Polycentricity and Queue Jumping in Public Law Remedies: A Two-track Response / Kent Roach
  • Public Law and Ordinary Legal Method: Revisiting Dicey’s Approach to Droit Administrative / Mark D Walters
  • The Lure and the Limits of Dialogue / Aileen Kavanagh
  • Adjudicating Constitutional Rights in Administrative Law / Tom Hickman

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