Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. Whatcott: Successful summary judgment may not bring very much reward

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lawyersweeklyBy Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The March 18th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website. This edition contains an article with a Saskatchewan focus – an overview of the recent Court of Appeal decision Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. Whatcott, 2016 SKCA 17. As noted in the article, the ruling “may serve as a warning that plaintiffs who pursue defamation actions run the risk of receiving disappointing damage awards”. The article also contains commentary from one of our Benchers, Sean Sinclair, from Robertson Stromberg LLP in Saskatoon:

“[Using an excerpt of a person’s statement can potentially be defamatory] if you lose all of the context in which the comments are made. It’s not a new principle but an important fact to repeat.”

Other articles in this issue include:

  • ‘Weak’ standard for vetting bills upheld as reflecting intent of law
  • Judge’s ruling offers guidance on tough topics
  • Tax Law: Extending the privilege
  • Labour & Employment: Going all in on religion
  • Business & Careers: Discovering your speciality



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