Legal Sourcery is Celebrating its Second Anniversary!

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2ndanniversaryBy Alan Kilpatrick and Jenneth Hogan

You’ll have to excuse us, we’re feeling a little sentimental today. On March 12, 2014, we launched a blog called Legal Sourcery as part of our efforts to promote the Law Society of Saskatchewan Libraries.  Our very first post was short and to the point, but like any proud parents we’ve given it a lot of love and nurturing since then and couldn’t be happier with where we are now.  In its small but significant two years, the little legal blog that could has surpassed 830 blog posts and received a staggering 106,715 views.

Along the way, we won two Canadian Law Blog Awards for being the best law library blog in 2014 and 2015.  This national award recognizes excellence in the Canadian legal blogosphere. Even better, Legal Sourcery has raised the profile of the library among Saskatchewan’s legal community more than we imagined was possible.

Just a few of the blog’s statistics:

  • Total number of posts: 835
  • Total views to date: 106,715
  • Top five geographical locations: Canada, US, UK, Australia, India

Our top four blog categories are:


We work hard at coming up with original, relevant and thought-provoking content, and we also have a lot of fun in the process (but shhh, let’s keep that on the down-low). We like to think of ourselves as fair people, so we’re offering you the chance to join in on the fun. We are actively seeking guest contributors for the blog.  Our most viewed post is Cross-referencing Footnotes in Word by guest blogger Reché McKeague. It has been viewed 7,806 times since it was posted on April 29, 2014. Do you want to contribute?  The level of commitment is entirely up to you.  Legal Sourcery is a great platform to promote a project or idea.  If you are interested, please consult our Submission Guidelines.  Our most popular posts were written by guest contributors.

What does the future hold for Legal Sourcery?  Legal Sourcery is quickly transforming into the central hub for all things relevant to the Law Society and the Saskatchewan legal profession.  We would like to thank our loyal readers who have stayed with us for this journey and hope you fasten your seatbelts for even more legal adventures down the road.



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