This Week in Legal Ethics – How to Respond to a Law Society Complaint

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LegalEthicsBannerBy Melanie Hodges Neufeld

On April 25th, my colleagues Valerie Payne and Stacey McPeek will be presenting “Staying Out of Hot Water: How to Avoid and Address Law Society Complaints”. This webinar will offer a number of tips and best practices to reduce the chances that a complaint will be filed against you and advice on best practices for addressing a compliant, should one arise despite your best efforts.

In the meantime, the Law Society of British Columbia’s Online Learning Centre has also created a useful Communication Toolkit for lawyers that includes a section on Communications with the Law Society. Some of the advice offered in the Toolkit includes:

  • Do not ignore the communication!
  • Consider whether you need to seek the advice of counsel.
  • Review your response to ensure the tone and content are appropriate.

Please visit the Toolkit and register for the upcoming webinar for more information. If you require further guidance, please contact the Law Society for assistance with this or any ethical dilemma you may be facing.

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