Celebrating International Women’s Day

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iwd2016Sarah Roussel-Lewis

On March 8th, 2016 countries around the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. First celebrated in 1909 in New York, this event has become a worldwide event with annual themes such as: “women in decision-making”, “women uniting for peace”, “equality for women is progress for all”, etc. To spread knowledge on the gender inequality in access to education, this year’s campaign theme is #PledgeForParity.

To celebrate women in the legal field, here is a list of resources in our library about equality, feminism, and diversity in law. Stay tuned this week for another post on the history of women’s rights.

Touchstones for Change: Equality, Diversity and Accountability/ Canadian Bar Association
KF 299 .W6 .C21 1993

The CBA Equity and Diversity Guide and Resource Manual for Successful Law Firms and Legal Organizations / Canadian Bar Association
KF 299 .W6 .C211 2007

Gender Issues in the Legal Profession: A Synopsis of the CBA Gender Equality Task Force Report / Eberts, Mary A.
KF 299 .W6 .G32 1993

Report of the Committee on Gender Discrimination / Linn, Dale
KF 299 .W6 .L75 1992

A Study of Gender and the Legal Profession in Saskatchewan, 1990-91 / Robertson, Susan
KF 299 .W6 .R65 1992

Leading the Way: Canadian Women in the Law / Soloway, Julie A.
KF 299 .W6 .S68 2015

Women and the Law 2007 / Saskatchewan Legal Education Society
KF 299 .W6 .W87 2007

Petticoats and Prejudice: Women and the Law in Nineteenth-Century Canada / Backhouse, Constance
KF 478 .B12 1991

A Guide to the Law for Saskatchewan Women / Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan
KF 478 .G64 2004

Reading Rights: A Woman’s Guide to the Law in Canada / Kurd, Rahat
KF 478 .K96 1999

Women, Law, and Equality: A Discussion Guide / Brooks, Kim
KF 478 .W87 2010

Family Law: Roles, Fairness and Equality / Law Society of Upper Canada
KF 505 .F192 1993

Employment Equity in Canada: The Legacy of the Abella Report / Agócs, Carol
KF 3457 .A27 2014

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace / Aggarwal, Arjun P.
KF 3467 .A26 2000

Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Understanding and Prevention / Aggarwal, Arjun P.
KF 3467 .A263 2006

Sex Discrimination: Employment Law and Practices / Aggarwal, Arjun P.
KF 3467 .A266 1994

Sexual Harassment: A Guide to Conducting Investigations / Gupta, Neena
KF 3467 .G97 2004

Pay Equity: A New Approach to a Fundamental Right / Canada. Pay Equity Task Force
KF 3467 .P34 2004

Re-evaluating Employment Equity: A Brief to the Special House of Commons Committee on the Review of the Employment Equity Act / Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Special Committee on the Review of the Employment Equity Act
KF 3467 .R33 1992

Pregnancy, the Workplace and the Law / Manning, Melanie
KF 3555 .M28 2003

Pregnancy, Parenting and the Workplace: What Employees and Employers Need to Know / Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
KF 3555 .P92 2006

Women and the Canadian Human Rights Act: A Collection of Policy Research Reports / Greschner, Donna
KF 4483 .C516 .W87 1999

Diminishing Returns: Inequality and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms / McIntyre, Sheila
KF 4483 .C56 .D58 2006

Equality and the Charter: Ten Years of Feminist Advocacy Before the Supreme Court of Canada / Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund
KF 4483 .C57 .E68 1996

Gender Equality in the Canadian Justice System: Background Papers / Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group of Attorneys General Officials on Gender Equality in the Canadian Justice System
KF 4483 .C57 .G32 1993

Gender Equality in the Courts: Criminal Law / Brown, Mona G.
KF 4483 .C57 .G322 1991

Gender, Sex, and the Law in Canada / O’Hanlon, Johanne Elizabeth
KF 4483 .C57 .O36 2015

A Feminist Guide to the Canadian Constitution / Smith, Lynn, 1945-
KF 4483 .C57 .S65 1992

Making Equality Rights Real: Securing Substantive Equality Under the Charter / Faraday, Fay
KF 4483 .M23 2009

On-reserve Matrimonial Real Property: Consultation Report on Matrimonial Real Property / Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
KF 8210 .D6 .C75 2007

Carnal Crimes: Sexual Assault Law in Canada, 1900-1975 / Blackhouse, Constance
KF 9325 .B12 2008

Defending Battered Women on Trial: Lessons from the Transcripts / Sheehy, Elizabeth A.
KF 9332 .S53 2014

Talking Gender: A Guide to Non-Sexist Communication / King, Ruth
P 120 .S48 .K54 1991

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