New Books in the Library 2016-4

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

insurancecontractInsurance contract interpretation
Thomas J. Donnelly and Craig Brown

This book is an essential requirement for anyone – whether a judge, lawyer, broker or adjuster – who reads and interprets insurance policies. Combining the practical with the theoretical, the book provides an essential guide for navigating through a policy. It starts with an examination of how insurance contracts are created and describes the different elements of an insurance policy. It then explains how policies should be read. Next it considers the law of evidence in the context of interpretation disputes. Finally (and centrally) the book examines the rules and principles of interpretation adopted by Canadian courts in a multitude of decisions, organized to facilitate ease of understanding and application to new cases.


internationalcommercialInternational commercial secured transactions
David Franklin and Steven A. Harms

International Commercial Secured Transactions is a complete discussion on the topic of secured transactions in the international commercial context, covering over 30 industrialized countries. It is a handbook for people actively engaged in the many phases of banking, extending credit, lending, leasing and selling of commercial assets on an international scale. From loan officers to attorneys, the materials in the book represent basic and essential tools of the trade.


introductiontoresourceIntroduction to resource taxation in Canada
C. Anne Calverley and Brian R. Carr

The authors of the definitive reference work, Canadian Resource Taxation, have written this convenient portable volume to provide a straightforward overview of taxation of the Canadian mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy resource sectors. This book discusses the various expenses related to resource taxation, and the calculation of income and the claiming of deductions. It also covers significant taxation areas such as mergers and acquisitions and investment in the resource sectors, both domestic and foreign, in a cogent and concise manner.


migration to canadaMigration to Canada
Garry Duncan

Citizens of many nations are on the move for employment, retirement or to join their families in various countries around the world. Canada is one such destination.

Finally a single source of information regarding the basic requirements to come to Canada, the tax consequences of coming to Canada, taxation on a resident and an overview of essential matters to consider before and after you settle in Canada.


negotiation the actNegotiation: the art of mutual gains bargaining 2nd
David J. Corry and Courtenay M. Mercier

No other book focuses on the negotiation aspect of collective bargaining from a co-operative mutual-gains perspective. Fully illustrated with practical and current examples, this resource analyzes and prescribes strategies, tactics and checklists for the benefit of both parties involved.


salhany'sSalhany’s police manual of arrest, seizure & interrogation 11th
Ian D. Scott and Joseph Martino

Salhany’s Police Manual of Arrest, Seizure & Interrogation provides police officers with an up-to-date, easily accessible, and accurate recitation of the law in these vital areas of criminal justice – arrest, search & seizure, and interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses.


statutoryjurisdictionStatutory jurisdiction: an analysis of The Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act
Vaughan Black, Stephen G.A. Pitel and Michael Sobkin

The Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act puts the important topic of the jurisdiction of Canadian provincial courts in civil and commercial cases on a clearer statutory footing. It is in force in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. The approach to jurisdiction adopted under the CJPTA is different in several respects from the common law approach, and so provinces that have adopted it are undergoing a period of transition. One of the key issues for courts in applying the CJPTA is interpreting its provisions and explaining how they operate. Statutory Jurisdiction: An Analysis of the Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act examines the growing body of cases and provides a comprehensive account of how the CJPTA is being interpreted and applied by the courts.




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