New Books in the Library 2016-3

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

artofthecorporateThe art of the corporate deal 2nd
Barry D. Lipson

The Art of the Corporate Deal offers real-world advice to lawyers involved in the deal-making process. Each chapter of this practical, easy-to-use text tackles a specific aspect of the process, providing clear and concise guidance every step of the way. While there may be many references that touch on the various aspects of corporate deals, no other work consolidates all this subject matter into a single work.


canadiancopyrightCanadian copyright/industrial designs benchbook
Donald M. Cameron

The Canadian Copyright/Industrial Designs Benchbook is based on the series of electronic textbooks for the Canadian judiciary that were created jointly by the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Specialty Committee in Intellectual Property Law and the National Judicial Institute. Electronic Benchbooks were a 21st century initiative that made textbooks on Canadian law in electronic form available online to all judges across Canada. A logical evolution of the IP Benchbooks was to have them published so that they could be made available to the Canadian bar. Some of the most senior and well regarded IP lawyers in Canada have authored or co-authored chapters and have brought to bear their tremendous experience and analytical skills to produce a meaningful interpretation of this sometimes complex and confusing area of law. An essential text for new members of the intellectual property law bar and those seeking to refocus their skills of the fundamental legal and business realities of patent law practice.


dismissalsintheunionizedCanadian labour reporter special report: dismissals in the unionized workplace 3rd
Matthew L.O. Certosimo and Michelle S. Henry

Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report: Dismissals in the Unionized Workplace, Third Edition addresses the thorny problem of how to manage employee terminations in a unionized environment. Readers will learn what arbitrators will demand as proof of just cause for termination, what amounts to suitable discipline and in what circumstances arbitrators will overturn termination decisions or vary disciplinary sanctions. This book includes practical advice on conducting a workplace investigation and preparing for a hearing, what mistakes can be fatal to your case and when to recognize that a dismissal cannot be defended at arbitration – along with three extremely valuable and practical checklists on conducting investigations, employee discipline and preparing for arbitration hearings.


canadian tax researchCanadian tax research: a practical guide 5th
Ted Cook 

Canadian Tax Research: A Practical Guide provides a practical framework for researching and answering tax questions and provides an extensive compilation of the information sources available for use in researching those questions. It is a valuable resource for students and new tax practitioners who need some guidance in conducting tax research problems.

There are so many sources to conduct effective tax research that beginning to solve a tax problem is a daunting task. This book will help a person confronted with a tax question to develop a game plan for conducting the tax research needed to answer that question, to know what resources are available and how to use them.


cybercrimeCybercrime in Canadian criminal law 2nd
Sara M. Smyth

Cybercrime in Canadian Criminal Law, 2nd Edition is a treatise on computer crime for the Canadian marketplace. It provides concrete answers to the difficult question of how to successfully deal with computer crime in Canada. It sets out the existing regulatory framework and considers alternatives in depth. It also provides a complex, multi-tiered proposal for effective law enforcement, while considering the question of constitutional and other constraints on regulation, including cost. It also draws analogies to existing law enforcement powers in other areas, such as terrorism and money laundering, as well as related technologies, including telephone networks. Finally, it discusses how similar measures have been implemented in other jurisdictions throughout the world.




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