New Journal Issues – February 2016 #2

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by Ken Fox

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 63, Number 4 (2015)

  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts: Expanding, Restricting, or Refining? / Jonathan Rhys Kesselman
  • The US Tax Classification of Canadian Mutual Fund Trusts / Max Reed & Stephen Albers Chalhoub
  • Policy Forum: Editors’ Introduction—Targeted Tax Credits / Tim Edgar & Kevin Milligan
  • Policy Forum: The Public Transit Tax Credit—Ridership and Distributional Impact / Vincent Chandler
  • Policy Forum: Kids Are Not Boats / Ken Boessenkool
  • Finances of the Nation: The Corporate Income Tax in Canada—Past, Present, and Future Current Cases: (SCC) Guindon v. Canada; (TCC) Kruger Incorporated v. The Queen;(BCSC) Inwest Investments Ltd. v. Canada (National Revenue)
  • International Tax Planning: Integration Across Borders
  • Personal Tax Planning: Identifying the De Facto Director
  • Planification fiscale personnelle : Identifier l’administrateur de fait
  • Selected US Tax Developments: IRS Limits Deferral Opportunities Through Controlled Partnerships

U.B.C. Law Review
Volume 49, Number 1 (January 2016)

  • Towards Reconciliation: A Proposal for a New Theory of Crown Sovereignty / Michael Adams
  • The Relaxation of Representative Standing in Administrative Law: A Side-Effect of Charter Rights? / Janina Boughey
  • “I Am Not a Caped Crusader”: Clinical Legal Education and Professional Identity Formation / Sarah Buhler
  • Recasting Our “Wild” Neighbours: Contesting Legal Otherness in Urban Human-Animal Conflicts / Maneesha Deckha & Erin Pritchard
  • Unappealing: An Assessment of the Limits on Appeal Rights in Canada’s New Refugee Determination System / Angus Grant & Sean Rehaag
  • A Matter of Integrity: Rule of Law, the Remuneration Reference, and Access to Justice / Christian Morey



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