New Journal Issues – February 2016 #1

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by Ken Fox

Banking & Finance Law Review
Volume 31, Number 1 (November 2015)

  • Payment Law: Legislative Competence in Canada / Benjamin Geva
  • Minimising Exposure to Fund Management Fraud in Australia / Pelma Rajapakse & Nothando Malaba
  • What is the Benefit of a ‘Benefit Corporation’? Examining the Advantages and Detriment / Vanisha H. Sukdeo
  • Cyber Crime, Governance and Liabilities in the Banking and Payment Industries / Marc Lemieux
  • European Legislative Practice 2.0: Dynamic Harmonisation of Capital Markets Law – MiFID II and PRIIP / Thomas M J. Möllers
  • Mandatory Central Counterparty Clearing of OTC Derivatives: A Canadian Proposal / Laure Fouin, Sonia Struthers & Candace Pallone
  • Private Public Partnership (PPP) Finance: An Alternative to State Budget Funding / Klaus Peter Follak
  • Important Restrictions Placed on Use of CBCA for Debt Restructurings / Kevin J Zych et al
  • A Bank’s Last Line of Defence: The Account Verification Clause – Bunan v. Toronto-Dominion Bank / Sandeep J. Joshi
  • Letters of Credit: The Law and Practice of Compliance / Benjamin Geva
  • The Law of Securities, Commodities and Bank Accounts: The Rights of Account Holders / Christian Chamorro-Courtland
  • Comparative Commercial Contracts: Law, Culture and Economic Development / Laura Macgregor


Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice
Volume 58, Number 1 (January 2016) 

  • The Role of Gender in Mental Health Court Admission and Completion / Andrea R Ennis, Peter McLeod, Margo C Watt, Mary Ann Campbell & Nicole Adams-Quackenbush
  • L’influence thérapeutique de la perception de justice informationnelle et interpersonnelle sur les symptomes de stress post-traumatique des victimes de crimes / Myriam Morissette & Jo-Anne Wemmers
  • Experiences in the Canadian Criminal Justice System for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Double Jeopardy? / Jacqueline Pei, Wing Sze Wence Leung, Fia Jampolsky & Brooke Alsbury.
  • Measuring Activism and Restraint: An Alternative Perspective on the Supreme Court of Canada’s Exclusion of Evidence Decisions under Section 24(2) of the Charter / Troy Riddell
  • From Seeds to Orchards: Using Evidence-Based Policing to Address Canada’s Policing Research Needs / Laura Huey & Rose Ricciardelli


McGill Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 1 (September 2015)

  • The Future of Poison Pills in Canada: Are Takeover Bid Reforms Needed? / Anita Anand
  • Situating Canada’s Commercial Surrogacy Ban in a Transnational Context: A Postcolonial Feminist Call for Legalization and Public Funding / Maneesha Deckha
  • Sur les traces du principe de proportionnalité : une esquisse généalogique / Antoine Guilmain
  • The Treatment of Ipso Facto Clauses in Canada / Adrienne Ho
  • R. v. Spencer: Anonymity, the Rule of Law, and the Shrivelling of the Biographical Core / Chris Hunt and Micah Rankin

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