French Legal Information Centre

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By Rosalie Umuhoza
Executive Director, Centre Info-Justice Saskatchewan

AJEFSlogoAJEFS would like to thank everyone who attended the official opening of the new French Legal Information Centre.

Now open, the Centre is here to serve you!

Are you a francophone lawyer?
Are you a bilingual lawyer?
Are you an English-speaking lawyer but have French-speaking clients? 

Or do you know anyone who matches one of these descriptions?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, here is what the French Legal Information Centre can offer you:

  1. French translation of legal documents
  2. Legislation and court forms in French
  3. Direction towards French-speaking Court staff
  4. Inclusion in online directory
  5. Referral services that respond to the needs of francophones looking for lawyer services. This services offers you the opportunity to gain new clients.
  6. Social activities that gather judges, lawyers and court clerks!
  7. Continued professional development (CPD) training workshops in French at a discount
  8. Maintenance and strengthening of your legal vocabulary in French
  9. Information on new developments regarding justice in French

Be a part of this key organization of the francophone community and contribute to its continued growth!

AJEFS services are free and confidential


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