Day: January 26, 2016

New Books in the Library 2016-1

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Directors'andofficers'Directors’ and officers’ liability in Canada
Helen Daley

This new title from authors Helen Daley and Simon Bieber is the ideal desktop guide to all areas of directors’ and officers’ liability and is a valuable resource for any lawyer – in particular in-house counsel – who regularly advises on those issues. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability in Canada offers extensive yet concise coverage of this important area and includes an examination of liability claims that most commonly arise against directors and officers in a wide variety of contexts.


guidetocanadianenviroGuide to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2016
Rodney Northey

If you’re a decision-maker tasked with not only determining how your organization’s business activities may impact the environment, but also preventing any potential adverse environmental effects that result – this new publication is for you


lawofnuisanceThe law of nuisance in Canada 2nd
Gregory S. Pun, Margaret Isabel Hall and Ian Knapp

This legal treatise provides a comprehensive review of the law of public and private nuisance and strict liability as applied and articulated in Canadian cases. The authors have found in their research that even though the law of nuisance can be difficult to navigate, with each case being judged in its own context, there “are many common threads and basic statements of principle that do act as milestones and beacons.” They have used these basic guiding principles, as found in current Canadian law, to help illuminate the way for others.


leadingthewayLeading the way: Canadian women in the law
Julie Soloway and Emma Costante

Women lawyers have made incredible strides over the past 125 years: while once women required special permission to become even student members of the Law Society of Upper Canada, today they hold esteemed positions, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. In Leading the Way: Canadian Women in the Law, authors Julie Soloway and Emma Costante document this inspiring journey through a compilation of biographies of 50 Canadian women whose tenacity challenged the status quo and effected real change for women in the legal profession.


litigatingandarbitratingLitigating and arbitrating business disputes
Igor Ellyn

In today’s competitive business climate, it often seems the question isn’t whether a business owner will be involved in a dispute, but rather when it will occur. The guidance and explanations in this new release, Litigating and Arbitrating Business Disputes, focus on reducing the prospect of such disputes and minimizing their impact when they become unavoidable.


negotiationprinciplestipsNegotiation: principles, tips, and tactics for successful deal-making
Robert C. Worthington

Good negotiators are made, not born, and good negotiators can become even better. In his most recent text, Negotiation: Principles, Tips, and Tactics for Successful Deal-Making, author Robert C. Worthington provides the means for readers to refine their negotiation skills. In the first chapter, Worthington explains that he “wrote this book for all of those people – professionals and laypersons – who think they can’t negotiate, who are afraid to negotiate, or who have to negotiate but don’t know how.”

This practical, easy-to-follow guide offers valuable insight into the practice and law of negotiating contracts, and provides an overview of relevant legal principles and cases, as well as tactics, tips, and strategies, and many illustrative examples.


practicalguideA practical guide to psychological health & safety in the workplace
Dianne E.G. Dyck

As author and Occupational Health & Safety specialist, Dianne Dyck, states in the preface to this ground-breaking publication, most Canadian companies and organizations have an Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Historically, however, those systems focused primarily on the physical, and not the psychological, health and safety of employees. With the release of the Canadian Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace in 2013, employers now have new performance expectations to meet. And that’s what makes – and necessary – resource.


taxation of a businessTaxation of Business organizations in Canada
David Duff and Geoffrey Loomer

This new publication, Taxation of Business Organizations in Canada, is written by tax experts and academics David G. Duff and Geoffrey Loomer, and provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the taxation of partnerships, corporations and shareholders in Canada. Covering topics from partnership taxation and corporate income taxation, to the taxation of corporate distributions and shareholder benefits and loans, as well as corporate reorganizations, this book is the go-to resource for the most up-to-date case law, commentary and analysis.


summaryappealsSummary appeals and trial advocacy
Moiz Karimjee

Drawing on his years of experience and expertise, author and Assistant Crown Attorney Moiz Karimjee discusses trial issues that counsel will most likely encounter in summary conviction and sentence appeal matters and aims to synthesize the law to assist counsel and judges in navigating a body of law that often appears to be contradictory.


writingreasonsWriting reasons: a handbook for judges 4th
Edward Berry

Writing Reasons: A Handbook for Judges, 4th Edition is a helpful guide for adjudicators on how to comprehensively structure and write judgments. Written by Edward Berry, an experienced lecturer and well-recognized seminar leader on the subject of writing judgments, this text is unique among works on legal writing in its focus on judgments, about which it offers guidance not only to adjudicators but to lawyers submitting written materials to the court.