Holiday Gift Guide 2015 #4

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For the Legal Sourcery Holiday Gift Guide this year, instead of looking for some generic lists on the Internet, the library staff decided to get personal. We will share with you some of our favourite gift ideas for this holiday season. We hope it will help get your creative juices and your spirit of generosity flowing.

Sarah’s recommendations:

gift2015Sarah_2Adult colouring books

A growing trend that we can all enjoy:  adult colouring books! There are more and more adult themed colouring books on the market right now and we no longer have to hide how much we do love colouring between the lines! A few months ago I picked up a 1000 connect the dots picture book and a nature themed colouring book and have quite enjoyed spending my time filling them up.

A few colouring books that may catch the eye this holiday season are the official Game of Thrones Colouring Book, the Harry Potter Colouring Book, and many many more!

gift2015Sarah_1Homemade gifts

There’s something to be said about putting in the extra effort to make a gift for someone. Last year, I tried my hand at making something instead of buying another gift card or hoping the thing I bought would make my family members happy.

I went out to Micheal’s, and found some ornament’s with a picture frame and cross-stitched little Christmas themed images. These went over quite well when my family found out I made them, even though they didn’t take that much time to make.

gift2015Sarah_3AeroPress Coffee Maker

Love coffee but don’t want to use traditional coffee makers? Then the AeroPress Coffee Maker is perfect for you and your loved ones. This unique coffee maker uses gentle pressure to make that perfect cup of coffee that you want in the morning.

I bought this back in the summer when I was looking for an alternative way to get my coffee fix. I used to brew a whole pot of coffee, only to drink one or two cups. This alternative is perfect for my needs and more environmentally friendly that traditional methods.

In case you missed Pat’s recommendations last week…

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