Holiday Gift Guide 2015 #3

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For the Legal Sourcery Holiday Gift Guide this year, instead of looking for some generic lists on the Internet, the library staff decided to get personal. In the next 2 weeks, we will share with you some of our favourite gift ideas. We hope it will help get your creative juices and your spirit of generosity flowing.

gift2015Pat_3Pat’s recommendations:

Winters in Saskatchewan can be fun but challenging and if you’re a gardener or you just like plants, those winter months can prove to be challenging. You can help all those green thumbs on your Christmas list just itching to grow something by giving them one of the many selections of beautiful Amaryllis bulbs that are available. Watching this plant grow and then flower is fun and rewarding, the sizes and colours of the flowers are so impressive. If you prefer a bulb with a fragrance, Paper Whites also make a very pretty gift and are easy to grow. Your gardening friends and family will be delighted!

gift2015Pat_2Are you tired of getting those plain old socks for Christmas? Well, here are some that will knock your socks off! 75% cotton 10%nylon 10% polyester and 5% spandex. They come in yellow, blue or gray and can be found at “Out of Print

gift2015Pat_1Christmas is such a great time to get your creative juices flowing, there are so many neat crafts to make as gifts or decorations. Here is one that I recently found and tried. It was pretty easy and all you need is a long taper candle, 6 candy canes (I bought plastic ones at the dollar store), some ribbon and a glue gun. You can also try using less or more candy canes.

Happy crafting!


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