2015 Clawbies Nomination

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

clawbies2015It’s that time of year again: Clawbie time! Not only are we super excited to participate in the Clawbies once again but we would like to congratulate them on their ten year anniversary!

The Clawbies were started in 2006 to emphasize Canadian law blogs in the legal community in a fun and engaging way. Although blogging in 2006 was still an emerging phenomenon it’s now part of everyday life on the internet.

The rules for the nominations are simple:

 Rule No. 1: Do not nominate your own blog for a Clawbie.

 Rule No. 2: Nominating a blog must happen in one of two ways:

(a) Write a post nominating up to three Canadian law blogs you currently read, with a brief explanation of why you think those blogs deserved an award in 2015.

(b) Tweet your nomination on Twitter, using the hashtag #clawbies2015

 Rule No. 3: Don’t forget to look outside our borders. A Clawbie gets awarded each year to a US-based or European blog.

 Here are our nominations for the 2015 Clawbies:

The Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog Michael Geist

When a blog is read globally and has won four Clawbies, you know you’re reading something good. Dr. Micheal Geist is a professor at the University of Ottawa and his blog has a focus on copyright law, specifically the corporate and legislative strategies affecting the evolution of copyright.  He often writes about controversial topics and is unafraid to express his opinion, making his blog a great nomination for this award.

Friend of the North Award Lawyerist

Lawyerist has been a great source of tech tips, reviews, articles for lawyers in solo and small-firms, amusing lawyer commercials and much more. Recently they have started a podcast about lawyering and law practice. Although their material is geared towards US citizens, much of their tech tips are for a much wider audience which is why we are nominating them for the Friend of the North Award.

Legal Culture Award First Reference Talks

First Reference Talks promotes topics that carry a lot of relevance in the workplace and that aren’t easy to talk about.  If you work in an office environment, chances are you have stumbled into workplace issues about religion, sexual harassement, internships, and wages that you have had no idea how to handle. I have posted before about how much I love this blog, which is why I am nominating it for this award.

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