New Journals Issues – November 2015

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By Ken Fox


The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 62, Number 4 (October 2015)

  • Editorial: Vandalizing the Criminal Code with Irrational and Arbitrary Restrictions on Provocation
  • Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Notes and Comments: ‘‘Pulling the Patches’’ of the Patchwork Defence of Duress: A Comment on R. v. Aravena / Frances E. Chapman and Jason MacLean
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Does it Apply to Finding the Law as Well as the Facts? / Martin Friedland
  • Delusions of Justice: Results of Qualitative Research on the Management in British Columbia of Cases involving Allegations of Substance-Induced Psychosis / Michelle S. Lawrence and Simon Verdun-Jones
  • An Inconvenient Right: An Overview of the Self-Represented Accused’s Autonomy / David Berg
  • The Highs and Lows of Medical Marijuana Regulation in Canada / R. Solomon and M. Clarizio
  • Book Review: Rethinking Criminal Law Theory New Canadian Perspectives in the Philosophy of Domestic, Transnational and International Criminal Law by Francois Tanguay-Renaud and James Stribopoulos / Gilles Renaud


Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume. 38, Number 1 (Spring 2015)

  • Negotiating the Interface of Environmental and Economic Governance: Nova Scotia’s Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act / Meinhard Doelle and William Lahey
  • From Idea to Practice: Sustainable Development Efforts in Manitoba / A John Sinclair and Lisa Quinn
  • In Search of ‘Compass and Gyroscope’: Where Were Adaptive Management and Principled Negotiation in Nova Scotia’s Forest-Strategy Process? / Peter Duinker
  • ‘And the People of the Province’: EGSPA’s Social Deficit / Susan Tirone, Karen Gallant & Katie Sykes


University of New Brunswick Law Journal
Volume 66 (2015)

  • Forum Topic: An Update in the Law of Privacy (Editor’s Preface) / Michael Ellison-Uyede & Gwenyth Stadig
  • Law as an Ally or Enemy in the War on Cyberbullying: Exploring the Contested Terrain of Privacy and Other Legal Concepts in the Age of Technology and Social Media / Wayne MacKay, C.M., Q.C.
  • Why We Are Still Searching for Solutions to Cyberbullying: An Analysis of the North American Responses to Cyberbullying Under the Theory of Systemic Desensitization / Hannah E.Y. Choo
  • Trinity Western University’s Law School and the Associational Dimension of Religious Freedom: Toward Comprehensive Liberalism / Thomas M.J. Bateman
  • Pandemics in a Connected World: Integrating Privacy with Public Health Surveillance / Chantal Bernier, Liane Fong, Timothy M. Banks
  • The Incessant Image: How Dominant News Coverage Shaped Canadian Cyberbullying Law / Mylynn Felt
  • The Common Law’s Hodgepodge Protection of Privacy / Chris D.L. Hunt
  • Vie privée et ⪡ droit à l’oubli: que fait le Canada? / Geneviève Saint-Laurent
  • When the Court Finds a Breach of Fiduciary Obligations, Should Equitable or Legal Remedies Flow? / Edward Veitch
  • Property Interests in Resettled Communities / Gregory French
  • Les femmes au sein de la profession juridique: un regard sue le présent et une vision tournée vers L’avenir / Micheline Gleixner et Louise Aucoin
  • Urban Aboriginal People and the Honour of the Crown – A Discussion Paper / Jula Hughes, Roy Stewart
  • Qualifying the Hague and Visby Rules’ Sea Peril Exception Under English, Canadian, United States, French, Italian, and Greek Law / Marel Katsivela
  • Effective Aggressiveness and Inconsistencies in the Bijuridical Treatment of Aggressive Behaviour: Mixed Martial Arts, Bullying, and Sociolegal Quandaries / Sara Gwendolyn Ross


University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
Volume 73, Number 2 (Spring 2015)

  • Panel Composition at the Court of Appeal for Ontario / Jeremy Drucker
  • Grassy Narrows X: An Alternative Argument / Rob Dül
  • Judicial Review of Modern Municipalities: Rethinking Vires Review / Ted Brook
  • Chinese Comfort Women by Peipei Qui / Sean Husband


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