Holiday Gift Guide 2015 #1

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For the Legal Sourcery Holiday Gift Guide this year, instead of looking for some generic lists on the Internet, the library staff decided to get personal. In the next 3 weeks, we will share with you some of our favourite gift ideas. We hope it will help get your creative juices and your spirit of generosity flowing.

Jenneth’s recommendations:

gift2015Jen_1For the hip baby on your list: Let’s face it, once you hit a certain age life can become inundated with babies. Invitations for keg parties and bar hopping excursions get swapped for tiny invitations with cartoon storks smoking cigars and it starts to feel like you should be stockpiling wee gifts of pink and blue “just in case”. And while there seems to be an excellent variety of books and toys for babies and children these days, its music for the little ones that’s generally lacking or just plain if-you-play-that-one-more-time-I’m-going-to-freak-out annoying. Enter: Rockabye Baby. Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. The albums are available in cd and mp3 format. And with over 70 of your favorite bands/artists to choose from there is a little something for everyone. So gift your hip baby friends with some tunes. Mom and dad’s ears will thank you.

gift2015Jen_2For a gift with a more personal touch: For quite a while now my parents have been nagging me about not buying them anything for Christmas. If it were anyone else this would seem like a relief, but come on people, nothing!? I feel like this is trap. So, for the past few years I’ve been sending handmade gifts. A jam I made from fresh local fruits, a little painting or some artwork or, if time and energy permit, something fresh off my sewing machine. This year I am super excited to “cheat” a little and make use of some pretty photos I took during my summer vacation with gifts from Artifact Uprising. Unlike a lot of other DIY-type photo places, the options are pretty and tasteful and a little less cheesy than splatting my ugly mug on a coffee cup. You can choose from gallery frames, large format or square prints, wooden or wool clipboard calendars, cards or even make your own soft or hardcover books, all customizable. The colors come out beautifully, the paper is a creamy high quality cardstock and the products look so professionally polished. And the best part: I imagine I won’t get any lip from the ’rents this year.

gift2015Jen_3A cheeky gift for a friend or co-worker: Most people know I love a good pun. I’m also the kind of person who likes to keep cards on hand for whatever may come up in an effort to avoid the last minute dash to the drugstore to find a card. With the have a little pun notecard set I can kill two birds with one golden stone. The illustrations are pretty, the puns are cute and if you like them too much to give them away, they would look great framed and up on your walls. Hint, hint to whoever has my name for Secret Santa.

gift2015Jen_4A little something for the hostess: Let’s get real, as soon as November 12th rolls around, the holiday season comes into full effect and things start to get a little nutty. Holiday parties, casual festive hangouts, dinner parties and family affairs start to fill your calendar. I’ve always been one to ask ahead of time if there’s anything I can bring along to make things easier on the hostess. Outside of my immediate family members the general response is “just bring yourself”, to which I always scoff. Sure you can bring food (and throw off the planned menu) or bring booze or flowers (the traditional go-to items) or you can take this tip and bring something that will be both appreciated and used. What am I talking about? Breakfast. The morning after you’ve hosted the party of the year when your head is pounding, your sink is full of dirty dishes and your hardwood floors are covered in a secret, sticky substance, a little breakfast can go a long way. So, grab a loaf of fresh bread and jar of jam (bonus points if it’s homemade) before your next gathering and be the game changer for hostess gift giving this holiday season. Cheap, easy and thoughtful, just the way I like it.

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