Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan – New Release!

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CASpostcardp1By Kelly Laycock

Our publishing department at the Law Society Library has been in overdrive this year, working hard to bring to you Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan, The Court of Appeal Rules & Act Annotated, a brand-new title created in coordination with the Court of Appeal. Former Justice Stuart J. Cameron has authored this annotated guide to help practitioners navigate the sometimes complicated civil rules and legislation of the highest level of Saskatchewan court.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the November Release of this highly anticipated resource!

The history of this endeavor is one that has seen many incarnations, as an early draft from notes and ponderings of a former Justice, to the fully realized, nearly 400-page annotation of both the rules and legislation it has eventually become. Not to mention the many people that have been involved at one point or another over its evolution these past six years. Justice Cameron explains:

At the suggestion of then Chief Justice Klebuc in the fall of 2009, the Court of Appeal undertook to compile an annotated version of The Court of Appeal Rules based on a draft prepared several years earlier by the Honorable Calvin Tallis, a distinguished former member of the court. The court undertook to do so in conjunction with the Law Society of Saskatchewan, and with the support of the Saskatchewan Law Foundation. I agreed to head up the project with the assistance of a group of law librarians familiar with the annotation of The Queen’s Bench Rules.

As so often happens in life, “way leads on to way” and what began as a relatively modest project eventually became a rather more ambitious one. At the suggestion along the way of Mr Justice Richards (as he then was), the court decided, with the backing of both the Law Society and the Law Foundation, to expand the scope of the project to include not only an annotated version of The Court of Appeal Rules but also an annotated version of The Court of Appeal Act, 2000.

The importance of this new guide has been extolled by Chief Justice Robert Richards in the Foreword to this first edition:

Stuart Cameron’s annotation is helpfully cast as a guide to practice in relation to the civil side of the court’s mandate. It is written and organized with care, clarity and thoroughness. The research has been exhaustive. At many points, by way of a practice tip, the reader will also gain the benefit of my former colleague’s considerable appellate experience. This annotation fills a major gap in the tool kit available to lawyers and will doubtlessly become an important starting point for counsel in the analysis of practice and procedure problems involving the Court of Appeal.

This important resource is available for order now! And just in time for Christmas!

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