Saskatchewan Library Week

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Saskatchewan Library Week is annual event, established in 1975, promoting libraries and literacy in Saskatchewan.  It’s a good opportunity to create discussion about the enduring value of public libraries.  This year, the event is being celebrated from October 18 to 24.  We are excited to mark the event at the Law Society Library and participate in the festivities.

To celebrate, a Book Spine Poetry Contest is being held across the province.  Book spine poems are composed entirely with titles from books.  This is my law-themed poem for the contest.  It is composed of books from the Law Society Library collection.


A Legacy of Protection
Force & FearTerms of Coexistence

For Better or Worse?

A Breach of Duty

Trade Secrets

Hunger, Horses, and Government Men

Clearing the Plains

When Push Comes to Shove

Death by Rope

A Silent Tragedy

Gambling with the Future

Don’t Make Me Think!Tough Choices

Identity Captured

To Right Historical Wrongs

Fundamental Justice

Putting the State on Trial

Military Justice in Action

Free Knowledge

Free to Believe

Speaking Freely

The Real Dope

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