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By Kara-Dawn Jordan, Executive Director
Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan

Volunteer Profile –  Lloydminster Legal Grounds: Stephanie Dobson and Ryan Armstrong

For this issue’s Volunteer Profile, we wanted to take the time to give a special thanks to two lawyers who were instrumental in helping us with the inaugural Lloydminster Legal Grounds. Lloydminster Legal Grounds is a partnership with Pro Bono Law Alberta where 9 lawyers from Lloydminster provided free legal advice to 57 individuals from their community on September 18th, 2015.  This event would not have been nearly as successful as it was without the help of two key members of the Lloydminster bar who helped us find a suitable space for the clinic and encourage other lawyers to volunteer their time.  A special thanks goes out to all of our volunteers that day: Meaghan LaRose, A.J. Fox, Adriene Shapka, Chantelle Lefebvre, Don Smith, Harvey Neufeld, and Celene Polischuk.  However, a very special thanks to Stephanie Dobson and Ryan Armstrong for helping us organize everything!

Stephanie Dobson
Stephanie Dobson

Stephanie Dobson

Stephanie is a Collaborative Family Lawyer, Family Mediator, and Registered Parenting Coordinator and Arbitrator at Meridian Law Group in Lloydminster, Alberta.  She has been practicing for 9 years in Lloydminster, primarily assisting high conflict families develop effective co-parenting relationships for the sake of their children.  Stephanie is dedicated to the non-profit community in her involvement as a board member of the Alberta Law Foundation and the Legal Education Society of Alberta, and as President of the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association.  In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her three young children and husband.

Ryan Armstrong

Ryan Armstrong

Ryan was born and raised in Lloydminster.  He obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Law from the University of Saskatchewan before returning to Lloydminster to article and practice with Robertson Moskal Sarsons.  His practice is primarily litigation and negotiation in the areas of family law and civil disputes.  He also has a real estate and criminal practice.  He resides on an acreage outside of Lloydminster with his wife and two children.


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