Day: October 14, 2015

New Books in the Library, Part 9

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

ediscoveryA Practical Guide to eDiscovery in Canada

An essential litigation law tool for the digital age litigant, this comprehensive guide offers an understanding of key terms and processes, from initial planning and preparation through to the data gathering, production, and post-collection stages. With contributions by industry experts, it gives insider insight and practical tips on adoption of strategies, effective communication and collaboration, legislative requirements, and engagement of third-party experts to ensure efficiency, best practices, and successful risk-management.



privatelawsociallifePrivate Law, Social Life : An Introduction 2nd

This is the second edition of Private Law, Social Life: An Introduction. This edition introduces an alternative to the core set of philosophical assumptions underlying private law doctrine. That alternative is a more community based, or “relationships based” focus, rather than the conventional individualistic set of assumptions. In each chapter, additional examples and other text is introduced to raise in the reader skepticism about dominant interpretations of private law doctrine, and critical positions in response. Professors Logan Atkinson and Neil Sargent investigate the role that private law plays in the organization of social life.


socialmediaSocial Media and Internet Law : Forms and Precedents

As stated in the introduction to this new publication, “legal issues always follow innovation” and this is particularly true where technology is concerned. Social Media and Internet Law – Forms and Precedents covers a wide range of important, and sometimes controversial, domestic and international IP and IT issues that relate to social media and the Internet, providing insight, commentary and valuable precedents to help practitioners get a handle on the topics and questions that most affect their clients.



solicitorclientSolicitor-Client Privilege

Solicitor-Client Privilege is the only Canadian textbook of its kind to explain key aspects of lawyer-client confidentiality. With a Foreword written by former Supreme Court of Canada justice Ian Binnie, this distinctly Canadian law textbook analyzes the exceptions to privilege, conditions where privilege is unclear, and situations of competing interests that might bring into question the application of privilege.


startupandgrowthStart-Up and Growth Companies in Canada : A Guide to Legal and Business Practice

When this business law book was initially published in 2005, it was the first resource of its kind written for legal, business and finance professionals who service clients in the start-up and growth company sector. It remains unique today. Author Bryce Tingle is singularly qualified to write this book, with his extensive experience in this area of the law. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive guide to steering your way through the often complicated and challenging issues that confront start-up and growth companies in Canada.


trustsincommonTrusts in Common-Law Canada

Unlike other textbooks on trust law, this book provides an easy, approachable way of learning about the complex principles of trust law. Organized in a logical and incremental fashion so as to not overwhelm readers with exhaustive detail; rather, it gives readers a complete picture of the principles of trust law, enabling them to have an intuitive grasp of key concepts and doctrines. Written for law students and practitioners alike, the book takes an otherwise difficult and complex subject, and makes it accessible and easy to understand. This book is recommended reading for any law student learning about trusts, as well as for any lawyer who handles trust law as part of his or her practice.


workplacehealthWorkplace Health and Safety Crimes 3rd

It has been 10 years since Bill C-45 was passed into law, a Criminal Code amendment that created the indictable offence of occupational health and safety (OHS) negligence. Norm Keith, a partner in a leading Canadian national law firm and a renowned, international expert on OHS issues, wrote the first in-depth analysis of Bill C-45, and its implications for workplace health and safety practices, in the book’s 2004 second edition. In this third edition, the author reviews 10 years of all the cases that have been prosecuted under this legislation, including the seminal case of R. v. Metron Construction Corporation, involving the prosecution and conviction of an employer for the deaths of four workers in the 2009 Christmas Eve scaffold collapse in Toronto.