Day: October 8, 2015

Lawyers Weekly

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The October 9th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website. Articles in this issue include:

  • Crowd roar echoes in justice halls
  • Former president hits back
  • Rent control refurbishing rules
  • Alberta moving on emission targets
  • The nuances of negotiating


18th Annual Saskatchewan Law Review Lecture

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Checks and Balances in Constitutional Interpretation – Perspectives from a Recently Retired Supreme Court Justice
Guest speaker: The Honourable Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein, Supreme Court of Canada
Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, 7:00 pm
Neatby-Timlin Theatre, Room 241, Arts Building, 9 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan

In his lecture, Justice Marshall Rothstein will discuss the charge and the implications of these approaches to adjudication and why they should concern everyone, as they risk tarnishing the legitimacy of the judiciary and opening the door to further judicial activism. This presentation will explore the recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions in Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia and Saskatchewan Federation of Labour as examples of constitutional analysis, and compare them to the U.S. Supreme Court case of District of Columbia v. Heller, an expansive interpretation of the right to bear arms, to examine what common features these decisions hold, and how they may manifest on both sides of the traditional rightleft divide.

This event is free and open to the public.

Turkeys and the Law (Throwback Thursday)

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

Rather than another dry tale of Thanksgiving’s history, the Legal Sourcery team did a bit a research to bring you these Thanksgiving-related cases. Admittedly some are a stretch, but enjoy!

R v ZL, 2015 ONSC 4498 – “Thanksgiving Family Feud”
“Why did you have to start something like this on Thanksgiving?”

Schell v. Truba and Hunter, (1989) 79 Sask R 27 – “The Case of the Thanksgiving Mistaken Identify”
The unfortunate experience lived by the plaintiff in this instance really stems from an equally unfortunate set of circumstances that neither he nor the defendants initiated.  “You are making a mistake. You’ve got the wrong guy. I had nothing to do with this.”

X (Re), 2009 CanLII 89089 – “Thanksgiving Immigration Fraud?”
I do not find the claimant’s explanation for not including Easter as an important date for a Christian, yet included Thanksgiving, which is not a Christian time of celebration, to be reasonable.

Hanisch v. McKean, 2013 ONSC 2727 – farmer cancelled her “Thanksgiving turkey flock” because of e-coli poisoned water caused by neighbour with shared water supply

Lilydale Inc v United Food & Commercial Workers Union, Local 1518, 2013 CanLII 77054 – union members overworked with extra turkeys in Thanksgiving season, unpaid overtime, etc.

Kandag v. Di Vora, 2007 BCSC 717 – “She recalled that from September to December 2003 he complained of aching in his arm and shooting pains and tingling in his fingers, such that he could not lift a turkey platter and pass it to the next person at Thanksgiving”

Happy Thanksgiving!