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New Books in the Library, Part 7

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

electionlawElection law in Canada

Election Law in Canada is dedicated solely to examining the rules and regulations that apply to the running of elections in Canada and is the first book to consider this subject since the Fair Elections Act was passed in 2014. In addition to covering the laws affecting voting rights and participation in the electoral process, Bourgeois provides an in-depth analysis of the laws that apply to candidates in elections as well as the laws governing riding associations and political parties and associations. This volume also explores the legislation that applies to the sometimes-controversial area of campaign financing.


essentialguidesettlementThe Essential Guide to Settlement in Canada

The vast majority of civil disputes are settled before going to trial, and that means it’s vital for in-house counsel and civil litigators to have a thorough understanding of the settlement process. That is precisely what this new publication offers. Written by experienced litigation practitioners, The Essential Guide to Settlement in Canada provides practical guidance and advice to lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel and other professionals who are regularly involved in managing and resolving legal disputes. Discover how you can ensure you achieve final and lasting settlements of your legal disputes.


expertevidenceExpert Evidence 3rd

Fully updated, this new edition of Butterworths Expert Evidence will ease the strain of managing expert evidence. Author Glenn Anderson, of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, describes and analyzes the law of expert evidence in Canada from both the civil and criminal law perspectives. Analysis of the 2007 Supreme Court of Canada decision R. v. Trochym is included and highlights the increasing reliance on expert evidence. Glenn Anderson also recommends how to determine reliability and admissibility following methodologies from Canada and the United States. Discussion also includes potential reforms to improve impartiality of expert witnesses, reliability of expert evidence and its evaluation.


generalprinciplesinsuranceGeneral Principles of Canadian Insurance Law 2nd

Whether you are preparing and arguing insurance cases in court, assessing the enforceability of an insurance contract, or advising clients about their insurance contracts – this book provides the straightforward analysis and valuable insight you need to be at your most effective. This comprehensive publication focuses exclusively on Canadian insurance law general principles, and is now fully updated to take into account the latest developments in case law and insurance regulation.


guidecanmoneylaunderingA Guide to Canadian money laundering legislation 4th

The 4th edition of A Guide to Canadian Money Laundering Legislation will help you keep abreast of the latest changes to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, its regulations, and FINTRAC guidelines and will serve as an affordable legal reference for reporting entities that must keep their operations and compliance programs current.


impaireddrivingImpaired driving in Canada 4th

In the 4th Edition of Impaired Driving in Canada, the Honourable Mr. Justice Joseph F. Kenkel analyzes every step of the impaired driving case, from the roadside stop through to sentencing. This book provides coverage of an offence where, according to one Parliamentarian, “every word and every comma in every section has been litigated”, and is an indispensable companion for all members of the criminal law bar and bench.

This new edition follows its predecessors by canvassing all of the recent appellate decisions that have changed the law in this area and carefully selected case law that includes case summaries of the essential cases.


introcanadianinsuranceIntroduction to Canadian Insurance Law 3rd

Those looking for a primer on insurance law need not look further: Now in its third edition, this textbook helps both lawyers and insurance executives learn the basic principles of insurance law. Rather than going into confusing detail on minute facets of insurance law, the authors provide a legal framework in which to approach and analyze insurance legal issues.

Co-authored by a university insurance law professor, whose work has been cited in Canadian appellate courts, this book helps readers grasp important insurance law concepts, enabling them to solve insurance legal problems that frequently arise in personal transactions, in the commercial world, and in the insurance sector.



Finding Sentencing Ranges

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cpdlogoNeed to find criminal sentencing ranges quickly? Spend an hour with the Law Society Library and the developer of rangefindr to learn about helpful online tools that enable you to identify sentencing ranges at the click of a button. The webinar will include demonstrations on:

  • rangefindr, a Canada-wide resource that lets you describe the kind of cases you’re looking for by selecting from hundreds of parameters, including provincial jurisdiction
  • The Canadian Sentencing Digest, an online source available through WestlawNext, with Canada-wide digests back to 1980
  • The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Sentencing Digest, which provides access to sentencing appeals from 1982 to date
  • The Saskatchewan Cases database, which includes a wide collection of lower-court sentences back to 1986
  • Sentencing: The Practitioner’s Guide, an ebook available through WestlawNext

You’ll also learn about our latest research tips and tricks and special sentencing research strategies.

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