New Journal Issues – September 2015

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by Ken Fox

University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 65, Number 3 (Summer 2015)

  • The (ir)relevance of constitutional protection for property rights? Compensation for takings in Canada and the United States / Cherie Metcalf
  • Administrative decentralization and tax compliance: A transactional cost perspective / Wei Cui
  • Taking purposes seriously: The purposive scope and textual bounds of interpretation under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms / Benjamin J Oliphant


UBC Law Review
Volume 48, Number 2 (July 2015)

  • Examining the Websites of Canada’s Top Sex Crime Lawyers: The Ethical Parameters of Online Commercial Expression by the Criminal Defence Bar / Elaine Craig
  • Neutrality Law, Anti-terrorism, and Foreign Fighters: Legal Solutions to the Recruitment of Canadians to Foreign Insurgencies / Craig Forcese & Ani Mamikon
  • The Failure of the Delgamuukw Test for Proof of Aboriginal Title / Robert Hudson
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil Reframed as Evasion and Concealment / Mohamed F. Khimji & Christopher C. Nicholls
  • The Official Development Assistance Accountability Act: Global Justice and Managerialism in Canadian Law / Derek McKee
  • A Reconciliation without Recollection? Chief Mountain and the Sources of Sovereignty / Joshua Nichols
  • Blunting the Edge: Federalism, Criminal Law, and the Importance of Legislative History after the Reference re Assisted Human Reproduction Act / Dave Snow
  • Gender and Violence: Drawing on Indigenous Legal Resources / Emily Snyder, Val Napoleon & John Burrows
  • Rethinking Compensation for Expropriation / Paul A. Warchuk


McGill law journal
v. 60, no. 3 (Mar. 2015)

  • Private International Law Implications in Conflicts of Interest for Lawyers Licensed in Multiple Countries / Barrett Schitka
  • Challenges to Assessing Same-Sex Relationships under Refugee Law in Canada / Nicholas Hersh
  • Propriété intellectuelle, Cour suprême du Canada et droit civil / Maxence Rivoire et E. Richard Gold
  • Le Tribunal des droits de la personne devant la Cour d’appel du Québec : appel à plus de deference / Sébastien Senécal et Christian Brunelle


Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 63, Number 2 (2015)

  • Reforming Old Age Security: Effects and Alternatives / Nicholas-James Clavet, Jean-Yves Duclos, Bernard Fortin, and Steeve Marchand
  • Is There a Sixth Comparability Factor in Canadian Transfer Pricing? / Robert Robillard
  • Risk-Based Overrides of Share Ownership as Specific Anti-Avoidance Rules / Tim Edgar
  • Policy Forum: Editor’s Introduction—Resource Taxation / Kevin Milligan
  • Policy Forum: Resource Rent Taxation—Experiences from Australia / Wayne Mayo
  • Policy Forum: Taxation of Machinery and Equipment and Linear Property in Alberta / Brian Conger and Bev Dahlby
  • Current Cases: (TCC) George Weston Limited v. The Queen; (TCC) Invesco Canada Ltd. v. The Queen; (ONSC) Canada (Attorney-General) v. Brogan Family Trust
  • International Tax Planning: Reinstated Foreign Accrual Tax and the Multi-Period Perspective
  • Personal Tax Planning: Tuition Expenses and Tutoring Fees as Medical Expenses
  • Planification fiscale personnelle: Dépenses de tutorat et frais de scolarité admissibles comme frais médicaux
  • Selected US Tax Developments: Classification of Foreign Trusts for US Tax Purposes: They May Be Called Trusts, but Don’t Trust the Label

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