Same Sex Marriage (Throwback Thursday)

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By Jenneth Hogan


For as long as I can remember the great people of our country have always been fighting for something. Equal rights for women, minority races, those with physical and mental disabilities and same-sex couples merely skim the top. Heck if we’re being honest, we are still fighting

On this day in 2004 same-sex couples of Nova Scotia took one home for the team when the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled the then-current law unconstitutional, legalizing same-sex marriage in the province. Neither the federal nor the provincial governments opposed the ruling. This battle, within the province, commenced August 13, 2004 when three couples brought the suit Boutilier et al. v. Canada (A.G) and Nova Scotia (A.G) against both the provincial and federal governments requesting the issue of same-sex marriage licences.

At this point, Nova Scotia became the fifth province (along with one territory) in Canada to take the leap in legalizing same-sex marriage. Saskatchewan was quick to follow. As a result of N.W. v. Canada (Attorney General), on November 5, 2015 Saskatchewan joined Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Yukon, Manitoba and Nova Scotia in the union of unions.

Canada would soon be the fourth country in the world to make the legalization official on July 20, 2005 when the Civil Marriage Act received its Royal Assent. The full timeline of events leading up to this can be found here.



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