New Journal Issues – August 2015

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By Ken Fox

Saskatchewan Law Review
Volume 78, Number 2 (2015) 

  • Introduction and background to Symposium: Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) / Janelle Souter & Amanda Zalmanowitz
  • A comment on the court’s decision to suspend the declaration of invalidity in Carter v. Canada / Sarah Burningham
  • Carter v. Canada: “Societal Interests” under sections 7 and 1 / Mark Carter
  • Judicial method and three gaps in the Supreme Court of Canada’s assisted suicide judgment in Carter / Dwight Newman
  • The authorizing of physician-assisted death in Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) / Doug Surtees
  • Consenting to physician-assisted death: Issues arising from Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) / Barbara von Tigerstrom
  • Numbers matter: Gender parity in the legal profession / Michele Hollins, Q.C.
  • The trials and tribulations of personal property security law reform in Australia / Anthony Duggan
  • The judgments of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, 2014 / Sarah Burningham & Keir Vallance
  • Escaping the “straitjacket”: Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis / Michael Adams
  • Exculpatory clauses and liquidated damages clauses: Two sides of the same coin? / Connor Bildfell
  • Statutory immunity from Charter damages: Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator / Julia Kindrachuk
  • “Clearly the arc bends”: Stare Decisis and Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan / Janelle Souter

The Alberta Law Review
Volume 52, Number 4 (July 2015)

  • Severance Pay and the Older Worker: Negotiated Versus Litigated Outcomes under Canadian Law / Kenneth WM Thornicroft
  • The Scope and Meaning of Reasonableness Review / Paul Daly
  • Section 67 of the Responsible Energy Development Act: Seeking a Balance between Independence and Accountability / Giorilyn Bruno
  • Enforcing American Letters of Request: The Fickle Charter Guarantee of Evidentiary Immunity / Mary Anne Vallianatos
  • The Police Officer’s Plight: The Intersection of Policing and the Law / Kevin Cyr
  • Aboriginal Youth Overrepresentation in Canadian Correctional Services: Judicial and Non-judicial Actors and Influence / Nate Jackson
  • You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone: The Rule of Law in Canada – Part II / Jack Watson
  • Litigating Shut-in for Lack of a Market: A Comment on Stewart Estate v. Taqa North Ltd. / Wayne Renke

The Advocates Quarterly
Volume 44, Number 2 (July 2015)

  • Exclusion Clauses in Contracts and their Enforceability Following the Decline of Fundamental Breach / Alexander J. Black
  • Deliberative Secrecy in the Context of Decision-Making by Administrative Tribunals / Fred D. Cass and Zoe Thoms
  • Summary Judgment Prior to Certification in Class Actions: How Microsoft and Hryniak have Changed the Landscape / Neil Finkelstein, Eric S. Block, Brandon Kain
  • Revolution on the Path to Access to Justice? A Closer Look at the 2009 and 2010 Reforms to the Rules of Civil Procedure in Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia / Barbara Billingsley and Joel Franz

Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal
Volume 34, Number 4 (August 2015)

  • Spence v. BMO Trust Co.: Public Policy and the Excluded Heir / Adam Parachin
  • Fish in a Barrel: Protecting Beneficiaries’ Interests in Real Property / Arieh Bloom
  • Sawdon Estate v. Sawdon and Trustee Indemnification in Estate Litigation / John O’Sullivan and Sara Beheshti
  • Case Comment: Leibel v. Leibel / Rae Rechtsman
  • Changes to the Taxation of Estates, Testamentary Trusts and Life Interest Trusts / Pamela Cross
  • Estate Administration Tax Act Requirements in Effect on January 1, 2015 / Vince De Angelis
  • Origins and Prospects for Employee Life and Health Trusts in Canada / Simon Archer

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