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KevinMillerBy Kara-Dawn Jordan, Executive Director
Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan

Volunteer Profile – Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller started volunteering with CLASSIC in Saskatoon during his first year of Law School. Working at CLASSIC’s Legal Advice Clinic helped instill in him the importance of the legal community being involved in, and facilitating, access to justice. He went on in his second year of Law School to become comanager of CLASSIC’s Legal Advice Clinic.

Kevin Miller is employed by Miller Thomson LLP in Regina, and is presently most engaged in organizing and participating in the Small Claims Clinic, a partnership between Miller Thomson and Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan. The clinic allows people who may not be able to afford a lawyer access to legal advice with respect to their small claims matter. Kevin has additionally worked on a number of files through PBLS, a reality made possible by Miller Thomson’s commitment to pro-bono work through the PBLS Pro Bono Pledge.

Kevin additionally sits as a board member at Carmichael Outreach, a charity which seeks to assist residents of Regina who are struggling with addictions, poverty, health issues, or overwhelming life crisis’. He also enjoyed himself immensely volunteering at Carmichael Outreach’s “Kids Camp” held at Lumsden Beach Camp in 2014. Kevin got to flex some of his skills which are not particularly useful in his day to day work, but which were finely honed over years of being a camp counsellor and camp director (ie. nature walks, leading songs, and insisting on bedtime).

When asked what advice he would have for young lawyers interested in pro bono work, he said “Get involved early and often. Talk to the partners in your firm, and see if they’ve signed the Pro Bono Pledge. PBLS is very helpful, and can find you something to do which will fit with your skills and schedule. There is no excuse not to get involved.” Thank you for all of your volunteer efforts, Kevin!



Originally published in Bencher’s Digest, volume 28, issue 3 (August 2015)




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