New Books in the Library, Part 4

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

portableguidetoeviThe Portable Guide to Evidence

“The complete reworking of the law of evidence by the Supreme Court of Canada in recent years has given rise to new jurisprudence and the need to remain up-to-date on the current state of the law. Compact and easily referenced, The Portable Guide to Evidence, 4th Edition by seasoned litigator Michael P. Doherty uses excerpts from Canadian court decisions to provide a comprehensive review on the law of evidence.”


witnessesThe Portable Guide to Witnesses

“The Portable Guide to Witnesses, 3rd Edition takes all the law concerning the treatment of witnesses, adds helpful commentary and cross references, and combines it in one convenient resource that you can use in the courtroom. The softcover format features tabbed chapters and spiral binding that provide fast access to the information you need.”


raindanceRaindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice

“Designed and written as a Guide Book for lawyers who want to learn and start to practice effective approaches to business development. It takes the reader through the creation of a business plan, which involves target-market research through to completing an action plan to implement.”


realestateReal Estate Transactions

“The work examines the standard form agreement of purchase and sale and the role of statutory systems that create and regulate property rights. The text examines the systems for the registration of land ownership in Ontario and the Planning Act’s regulation of the subdivision of land. The text examines the legal issues associated with mortgage remedies in Ontario.”


researchingquebecResearching Quebec Law: Insights for Common Law Practitioners

“Researching Quebec Law is a practical guide for non-French-speaking lawyers, librarians, students and other legal researchers from common law jurisdictions who require an understanding of the key similarities and differences of the Quebec legal system and its resources. While the ever-expanding scope of online legal databases has made Quebec case law and legislation accessible to common law researchers and practitioners like never before, very few of Quebec’s leading legal treatises are available or have been translated into English.”

spousalsupportSpousal Support in Canada

“Derived from Canadian Divorce Law & Practice, the commentary of this work comprehensively covers the developing body of case law pertaining to spousal support in Canada, and includes the full text of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines and relevant sections of the Divorce Act.”



tenantsrightsTenant’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease

“An invaluable resource, this book offers a unique collection of 27 articles, written by 45 experienced practitioners, discussing a commercial tenant’s rights and remedies, and how to use them. It sets out potential pitfalls a commercial tenant can come across and how to avoid them. Refer to it before entering into any offer to lease or leasing situations.”


trademarksandunfairTrade-marks and Unfair Competition Law in Canada Cases and Commentary

“The legal protection afforded by statutory and common law to brands, logos, and “source-identifiers” in the marketplace is a significant and growing area of concern. Trade-marks are often among a business’s most valuable assets, making trade-mark law a vital component of any corporate or commercial practice. The Amani-Craig collaboration produces a timely and current volume that comprehensively covers the law and jurisprudence on trade-mark protection in Canada, providing background and comparative discussion where relevant, and offering insightful commentary to facilitate reader comprehension.”

violenceintheViolence in the Workplace

“Employers are legally responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe and secure and their employees remain safe from the threat of workplace violence. This means they may be held responsible for the criminal behaviour of employees and other individuals. The costs to employers, both direct and indirect, can be high. The fourth edition of Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report: Violence in the Workplace is a fully updated and concise discussion of leading cases in workplace violence (including physical and mental harassment) and the various laws that apply to them, including human rights, health and safety, workplace insurance and the Criminal Code of Canada.”


Source: Thomson Reuters Carswell

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