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familysourceBy Ken Fox

If you have visited this blog at all this past summer, you probably know of the library’s recent addition of WestlawNext to our Members’ section, available to all practicing Saskatchewan lawyers. If you are hearing this for the first time, welcome to the party.

Family practitioners, let me introduce you to something called FamilySource, a comprehensive library for family law research. Through this service you have access to the complete WestlawNext collection of statutes and legislation, as well as the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest and the Abridgment. For many day-to-day research purposes, that’s already everything you need.

But if you have been practicing family law for any length of time, then you have probably strained your arms and back lugging around one or more of the following multi-volume compendia:

  • Kirwin, Child Protection Law in Canada
  • MacDonald and Wilton, Child Support Guidelines Law and Practice
  • MacDonald, Canadian Divorce Law and Practice
  • McLeod and Mamo, Matrimonial Property Law in Canada
  • McLeod, Child Custody Law and Practice
  • Stark and MacLise, Domestic Contracts

What? You have instant online access to all those? Yup. And not just those, but also these:

  • Wilton & Semple Spousal Support Commentary
  • Wilton and Miyauchi, Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements
  • McLeod & Mamo, Annual Review of Family Law
  • MacDonald, Family Law Act of Ontario
  • Canadian Family Law Quarterly
  • Reports of Family Law Articles
  • Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

And if that isn’t enough, the service also includes child and spousal support quantum services, Epstein’s This Week in Family Law, and a Family Law Legislative Concordance.

To access this vast library of Canadian family law, visit the Members Section, scroll down to the heading WestlawNext Canada, and click on FamilySource. If you have any difficulty accessing the service, please contact us forthwith.

Need help searching? Feel free to ask us for help, or try out Carswell’s online tutorial.

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