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New Books in the Library, Part 2

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

gendersexGender, Sex and the Law in Canada

“Does the law reflect the evolving roles of men and women, or does it help to shape them? Gender, Sex and the Law in Canada brings together a group of prominent legal and social thinkers from across Canada in an attempt to provoke and start a dialogue.”



goingitaloneGoing It Alone: A Start up Guide for the Sole Practitioner

“The Second Edition of Going It Alone: A Start up Guide for the Sole Practitioner reflects the new realities of today’s law practice. The book deals with new, more stringent legal considerations, rapidly evolving technology, and includes resources for lawyers struggling with the stresses of the profession.”



handbookformunHandbook for Municipal Councillors

“This book is designed to provide municipal councillors and lawyers with a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference on the roles and responsibilities of municipal councillors.”




hutchisonsHutchisons Search Warrant Manual

“Topics covered in this guide to the legal and practical issues associated with the judicial pre-authorization of investigative techniques include the organizing principles of search and seizure in Canada, the nature of judicial preauthorization, warrant authorizing provisions, identifying the things to be searched for and seized, identifying the location to be searched, offences under investigation, computers and search warrants and specialized warrant provisions. It includes coverage of general drafting approaches and specific procedural issues.”


introtoforensicIntroduction to Forensic Writing

“Introduction to Forensic Writing is a guidebook to help navigate the writing process for all forms of documents and records that may ultimately end up in court. This book analyzes the best practices for the creation and management of written reports, documentary evidence, correspondence, crime scene notes and reports.”



investigatorslegalThe Investigator’s Legal Handbook

“The Investigator’s Legal Handbook, Second Edition is a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide to the law, both pre- and post-charge, for all those involved in Canadian law enforcement. The book is full of easy-to-find, concrete, and practical answers to the legal problems faced every day by criminal and regulatory investigators, but still maintains a level of detail that qualifies it as a one-stop reference source.”


lawofclassThe Law of Class Actions in Canada

“Class actions are increasingly playing a significant role in providing access to justice to people who have experienced a common wrong. The volume of class actions jurisprudence in Canada has increased exponentially in recent years. Containing insights from two of the foremost Canadian class action jurists and a leading academic in the field, this text offers a comprehensive review of the ever-expanding law of class actions from trial and appellate courts across Canada.”


lawoffraudThe Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator

“This book gives lawyers, accountants, internal auditors, and other investigators both an in-depth analysis of fraud, as well as the latest tools, techniques, and methods of handling internal or external fraud engagement. It will provide guidance in terms of documenting fraud, preparing evidence, conducting a fraud investigation, and acting as an expert consultant or expert witness in any eventual litigation or proceedings.”



Source: Thomson Reuters Carswell

Saskatchewan Archives Celebrates 70 Years (Throwback Thursday)

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Saskatchewan Archives website

By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Archives on 70 years of preserving historically significant Saskatchewan records.  For the ultimate throwback experience, please visit the Archive’s website for numerous documents, personal papers and photographs on all aspects of Saskatchewan life.

To celebrate this anniversary, The Archives and Public Records Management Act was proclaimed and became effective August 24, 2015. The new act “will advance government accountability for the management of public records, particularly electronic ones”. In addition, Archives is also adopting a new name: Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. For more information, please see the Government of Saskatchewan news release.

Lawyers Weekly

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The August 28th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website. Articles in this issue include:

  • Winds of change gathering over profession, chief justice tells CBA
  • Suspended president’s case headed to court now
  • Real Property: Crackdown on phantom offers
  • Constitutional Law: Hard times for commission
  • Business & Careers: Mastering the follow up

Welcome New Students!

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CPLED Bar Admission Program 2015-2016 kicks off this week at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan.

Essential Legal Research with the Law Society Libraries
Essential Legal Research with the Law Society Libraries
From the Law Society of Saskatchewan Libraries: Alan Kilpatrick, Reference Librarian (Regina), Melanie Hodges Neufeld, Director of Legal Resources, Ken Fox, Reference Librarian (Saskatoon)

New Books in the Library, Part 1

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

cancitiz&immCanadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility: Criminal Law Edition

“Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility: Criminal Law Edition provides practical and tactical guidance on how to effectively manage criminal immigration files, for criminal lawyers and paralegals representing different status holders under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).”


cancrimlaw7thCanadian Criminal Law: a treatise

With the seventh edition of Canadian Criminal Law, Professor Stuart’s Treatise remains the preeminent authority on the principles of the substantive criminal law of Canada, giving you expert interpretation on not only the past developments, but also the future directions, in criminal law.



canfaml&immCanadian Family and Immigration Law

“This publication contains policy discussions relevant for both immigration law and family law, detailed explanations of specific issues, and discussion of recent jurisprudence and legislation.”




canpatlawCanadian Patent Law Benchbook

“Originally done as a resource for Canadian judges, Canadian Patent Law Benchbook provides a thorough analysis of Canadian patent law. Contributors use their considerable experience to bring their unique insights and provide clarity into Canadian patent law.”



canadian patent law benchbookCanadian Trade-Mark Law Benchbook

“Originally done as a resource for Canadian judges, Canadian Trade-Mark Law Benchbook provides a thorough analysis of Canadian trade-mark law. Contributors use their considerable experience to bring their unique insights and provide clarity to Canadian trade-mark law.”



childlawhandChildren’s Law Handbook

“The third edition of this desk reference is intended for those who work with children and allows readers to quickly find and identify important legal points, issues and consequences to consider during decision-making.”



copyrightCopyright: Cases and Commentary on the Canadian and International Law

“Copyright law grants exclusive rights for limited terms to the authors of musical, literary, dramatic and artistic works. This casebook presents extracts from the leading cases from both Canadian and international jurisprudence to illustrate the legal concepts, doctrinal evolution and current approaches to copyright issues.”



Source: Thomson Reuters Carswell

Family Matters: Assisting Families through Separation and Divorce

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

Family Matters is a Government of Saskatchewan pilot program aimed at minimizing the impact of separation and divorce on all family members by providing:

  • information and resources to deal with a changing family situation; and
  • assistance to resolve urgent and outstanding issues.

As noted in an article by the CBC, “Family Matters, is looking to alleviate some of the shared stress that occurs in families experiencing a divorce or separation”. To access the program, the public can contact an Intake Worker to discuss their situation:

The Intake Worker gathers basic information from callers to access needs, provides relevant information and connects callers with other services. Please visit the Family Matters website for more information about the program, a list of common misconceptions about separation and divorce, and other resources.