Day: July 22, 2015

Subject Resource Guides – Updated and Revised

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By Alan Kilpatrick

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library is pleased to announce that it has updated and revised the Subject Resource Guides featured in the Research Resources area of the Law Society website.  Each guide provides the titles of key textbooks, ebooks, seminar papers, journals, forms and precedents, legal encyclopedias, provincial legislation, and federal legislation for a particular area of legal practice.

If you are beginning research in an area of the law you are unfamiliar with, we encourage you to consult the Subject Resource Guide for that topic.  The guide will help familiarize you with the main resources for that practice area.  Most importantly, the guide will help ensure you do not miss any of the key resources or leading textbooks.

You can find our updated Subject Resource Guides here:

The Law Society Library will continue to develop Subject Resource Guides in other areas of legal practice.  If you have any particular requests for areas of practice not yet covered, please email

For more Subject Resource Guides, you can consult chapter 8 of Ted Tjadens excellent textbook, Legal Research and Writing.

Additional Resources

Tjaden, T. (2010). Legal Research and Writing (3rd ed). Toronto: Irwin Law.