Introducing WestlawNext Canada (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library is pleased to announce that Saskatchewan members now have desktop access to WestlawNext CanadaWestlawNext Canada is an online legal research platform developed by Carswell.  You can access it through the Members’ Section.

Here is my review of its features and components. 

Search Bar

WestlawNext provides a “Google style” search bar at the top of the homepage.   The search bar is your key to accessing all of WestlawNext’s great content: primary sources, secondary sources, and commentary.  A search from the homepage automatically retrieves case law, statutes, ebooks, Canadian Encyclopedic Digest entries, journal articles, and court documents.  Once your initial search has been completed, it can then be narrowed to a more specific focus.  An advanced search box is also available for those who wish to have more control over their search.  Once again, the advanced search automatically retrieves cases, statutes, ebooks, articles, and court documents.

It is possible to search specifically for Saskatchewan case law by selecting the Saskatchewan option from the Cases and Decisions link.  This is one of the most efficient methods to locate Saskatchewan case law.

By default, the database searches by natural language rather than Boolean commands.   You can conduct a Boolean search by specifying the Boolean option from the advanced search function.


Browseable Content

WestlawNext provides three browseable areas below the search box:  Primary Sources, Commentary, and Finding Tools.  Here is a breakdown of the key features of these browseable areas:


Primary Sources:

Cases and Decisions: Decisions include headnotes, annotations, citing references, and treatment information.  A visual history allows you to determine how a case has progressed through the court system.

Statutes and Regulations: WestlawNext features current Saskatchewan legislation.

Rules of Court: Rules of court are provided for each province.  Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench forms are available in Word format.  They are fillable online.


Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED): The Western and Ontario edition of the CED are available.  Links to case law and legislation are included in the text of the CED.  The resource is searchable and easy to use.

Texts and Annotations: WestlawNext features a number of popular ebooks and e-looseleafs.  You can easily search within these ebooks.  However, it can be challenging to browse through the content.

Articles and Newsletters: Several journals and law reviews are available.  For example, the Saskatchewan Law Review is available from 1993 to the present.

Finding Tools:

Canadian Abridgment Digests: The Canadian Abridgment Digests is a comprehensive collection of digests of Canadian court decisions.  Using the Abridgment will enable you to quickly locate case law on a particular topic.

Words & Phrases: This is a research dictionary that contains the judicial considerations of words and phrases by Canadian courts and tribunals.

tip17Jul_3Subscription Pages

Subscription pages are listed on the right side of the WestlawNext homepage.  The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library has subscripted to Criminal Source, FamilySource, LabourSource, and LawSource.  Each subscription page features primary sources, commentary, and finding tools relevant to that area of the law.

I would like to highlight that FamilySource, CriminalSource, and LabourSource feature an excellent collection of ebooks and eloose-leafs.  We carry many of these print items in the library.  The print versions are heavily used and very popular.

Here is a list of all the amazing ebooks and e-looseleafs that Saskatchewan members now have desktop access to through WestlawNext Canada:

FamilySource – Ebooks & eloose-leafs:

  • Kirwin, Child Protection Law in Canada
  • MacDonald and Wilton, Child Support Guidelines Law and Practice
  • MacDonald, Canadian Divorce Law and Practice
  • MacDonald, Family Law Act of Ontario
  • McLeod & Mamo, Annual Review of Family Law
  • McLeod and Mamo, Matrimonial Property Law in Canada
  • McLeod, Child Custody Law and Practice
  • Stark and MacLise, Domestic Contracts
  • Wilton and Miyauchi, Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements
  • Wilton & Semple Spousal Support Commentary

CriminalSource – Ebooks & eloose-leafs:

  • Annual Review of Criminal Law
  • Bloomenfeld, Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual
  • Clewley, McDermott and Young, Sentencing: The Practitioner’s Guide
  • Cournoyer, Code criminel annoté
  • Crankshaw’s Criminal Code of Canada
  • Ewaschuk, Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada For the Defence
  • Gibson, Canadian Criminal Code Offences
  • Gibson, Criminal Law Evidence: Practice and Procedure
  • Hill, Tanovich and Strezos, McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence
  • MacFarlane, Frater, Michaelson, Drug Offences in Canada
  • Martin’s Annual Criminal Code
  • Martin’s Related Criminal Statutes
  • Nadin-Davis: Canadian Sentencing Digest
  • Salhany, Canadian Criminal Procedure
  • Segal, Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases
  • Tremeear’s Annotations
  • Watt’s Manual of Criminal Evidence

LabourSource – Ebooks & eloose-leafs:

  • Brown & Beatty, Canadian Labour Arbitration
  • Adams, Canadian Labour Law
  • Willis & Winkler, Labour Arbitration: The Year in Review
  • Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases
  • Corry, Collective Bargaining and Agreement
  • Saxe & McLean, Collective Agreement Handbook

I encourage you to try out Westlaw Next Canada.  If you have any questions about this resource, ask a Law Society Librarian. We are pleased to provide legal research services to Saskatchewan members in person, on the telephone, or by email.

Call 306-569-8020 in Regina
Toll-free 1-877-989-4999
Fax 306-569-0155

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