Day: July 3, 2015

Saskatchewan Government announces new online resource for condominium stakeholders

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The Office of the Public Registry Administration within the Ministry of Justice created an extensive list of information that will help clarify several common questions and answers. Topics include insurance, condominium conversion, dispute resolution and pet ownership.

To access this information, visit and search “Condominium Properties.” For further inquiries, email

Full announcement can be viewed on Saskatchewan Government website.

Irwin Law’s Canadian Online Legal Dictionary (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you familiar with Irwin Law’s Canadian Online Legal Dictionary (COLD)?  COLD is a free online legal dictionary and is composed of all the terms featured in the legal textbooks published by Irwin Law.  COLD is described in more detail on Irwin Law’s website:

tip3Jul2015_1We are a collaborative dictionary comprised, initially, of terms defined in the glossaries of Canadian law books published by Irwin Law. The dictionary will be maintained by an Irwin Law editor. Members of the public are invited to submit new defined terms, edit existing terms and supply citations, sources and related terms — simply request to become a COLD contributor when you create your Irwin Law account. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

COLD can be searched by keyword or browsed by topic area.  Searching COLD for a definition may lead to multiple definitions of the same term tip3Jul2015_2as COLD will highlight all of Irwin Law’s textbooks that have defined the term.  For example searching for the term arrest will lead to two definitions as two separate Irwin Law texts, Criminal Procedure and Mental Health Courts, have defined the term:

I encourage you to check out this free resource.  You can access COLD online at  Let us know what you think about it.