Saskatchewan Farm Security Act (Throwback Thursday)

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

On June 24, 1988, The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act (SFSA) was enacted in response to the dire circumstances of Saskatchewan’s farm economy.  As noted by the Honorable Mr. Justice Donald H. Layh on the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan website:

The 1980s had seen several misfortunes visit Saskatchewan farms: low commodity prices, record high interest rates, persistent drought, grasshopper infestations, spiraling input cots, and plummeting land values. The SFSA was intended to staunch the economic dislocation of Saskatchewan’s farmers by consolidating and modernizing Saskatchewan’s historic farm legislative protection and introducing new legislation.

Please also see Mr. Justice Layh’s book A Legacy of Protection – The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act: History, Commentary & Case Law (Langenburg: Twin Valley Books, 2009).

In April, the provincial government announced it would be seeking public input as part of its review of the Act. More information about farm ownership and the opportunity to participate in the consultation is available on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

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