Law Society AGM (Throwback Thursday)

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Agenda of the 1963 Law Society AGM

The Law Society’s 76th Annual General Meeting will be held next Thursday in Regina. This year the big topic is Access to Justice and members who attend the AGM can report one CPD hour.

What was it like at AGMs in the past?

The first Annual General Meeting of the Law Society was held on June 24th to 26th, 1936 at the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon as a result of the amalgamation of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Bar Association in 1935. Highlights of the first meeting were the discussions on legal education by Dean Cronkite of the Law School, and the President’s address which dealt with bureaucracy and how the profession should give thought to the quality of its service to the public. The October 1936 issue of Saskatchewan Bar Review reported that the report by the Encroachments Committee was especially noteworthy. Social events included a golf competition, a reception and dance.

At the 24th AGM in 1963, there was a special “Ladies’ Programme” which included a Sherry Party and Hat Exchange where “each lady is requested to wear a hat she is prepared to lose. Any lady present may demand and appropriate the hat of any other lady present, leaving her own in return.” There was also a dance at the Golf and Country Club an informal tea at the Mackenzie Art Gallery on the 2nd day of the AGM.

Law Society Annual General Meeting in Regina, 1939
Law Society Annual General Meeting in Regina, 1939

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