Day: May 25, 2015

Saskatchewan Lawyer Profile – Jessie Buydens

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

With so many Saskatchewan lawyers in the news lately for their interests outside of work, we decided to start including brief profiles of their accomplishments on our blog. Our first profile is Jessie Buydens, a lawyer with Scott, Phelps & Mason in Saskatoon. She has a general practice comprised of about 50% criminal law. In the last two years, Jessie has not only become involved in the sport of powerlifting, she is the two-time National Powerlifting Champion. At the 2014 Nationals, she set the National bench press record at 105.5 kg. Her other best lifts include a 175 kg squat and 182.5 deadlift. She has been named to Team Canada and her next competition will the North American Powerlifting Championships in Moose Jaw July 8 -11.


How did you get started in powerlifting?

I started powerlifting in January 2013 when two guys, Marc Morris and Conner Lutz came to our gym to run some “How to” classes. They convinced me to go to a meet in Regina in February. I won best female lifter at that meet and qualified for Nationals. I ended up placing third at 2013 Nationals which was my second competition ever. Since then I have won every competition I have entered.

How do you balance powerlifting and your practice?

Balancing lifting and practicing law takes a bit of time management but I really enjoy both so that makes it easier to do. I train for lifting three to four days a week, usually evenings and weekends so there’s not too much interference with work as I don’t train during work hours. My firm, Scott, Phelps & Mason, has been really accommodating about me taking time off for competitions. I really appreciate their accommodations as being able to compete at such a high level in lifting has been a very gratifying experience for me.

For more information, please visit the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association.