New Journal Issues – May 2015

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By Ken Fox

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 44, Number 1 (April 2015)

  • Issues in the Preparation and Presentation of Expert Evidence / Peter E.J. Wells and Samantha
  • The Absurdity of Aboriginal Title After Tsilquot’in / Alex M. Cameron
  • Complaint Reviews Before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board / David P. Jacobs
  • Whistleblowers Need and Deserve Informant Privilege as Much as Police Informants Do / Ken MacDonald
  • The Impact of Hryniak v. Maudlin on Summary Judgments in Canada One Year Later / Matthew Karabus and Ted Tjaden
  • Circumstantial Evidence and Insider Trading / Shara N. Roy and Constanza Pauchulo
  • Undue Influence? The Preparation and Use of Expert Reports in Moore v. Getahun / Marco P. Falco

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 56, Number 2 (March 2015)

  • Canada’s Enhanced CSR Strategy: Human Rights Due Diligence and Access to Justice for Victims of Extraterritorial Corporate Human Rights Abuses / Penelope Simons
  • Business, Human Rights, and Canadian Mining Lawyers / Sara L. Seck
  • Reaffirmation of Debt in Consumer Bankruptcy in Canada / Stephanie Ben-Ishai
  • Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia: Aboriginal Title and Section 35 / Harry Swain and James Baillie
  • Money in Constitutional Law: The Demise of Debtor-Initiated Payments? / Bradley Crawford
  • Book Review: The Construction of Commercial Contracts, by J.W. Carter / Angela Swan
  • Book Review: Classifying Tort Law Defences: (Why) Does it Matter? Tort Law Defences, by James Goudkamp / Erika Chamberlain

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 62, Numbers 1 & 2 (2015)

  • Editorial: Responding to Unsustainable Policing Costs
  • Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • v. Anderson: The Narrow Review of Crown ‘‘Discretion’’ Means Less Justice / Paul Calarco
  • v. Macdonald and the Illogicality of the Reasonable Belief Requirement for Safety Searches / Terry Skolnik
  • Historical Perspectives on Securities Law Enforcement / Alexandra Raphael
  • Proving Innocence After Appeals — A Call for Uniform Post-Appeal Disclosure Policies / Andrew Guaglio
  • The (Near) Death of Duress / Colton Fehr
  • Why Should a Confinement Need to Be ‘‘Significant’’ to Attract Liability? A Proposal to Clarify and Reform the Current Approach to Forcible Confinement / Peter Sankoff and Adrienne Funk
  • The Presumption of Sanity, Automatism and R. v. H. (S.): Is It Insane to Have a Presumption of Insanity? / Frances E. Chapman
  • Entrapment: Clearly Misunderstood in the Dial-a-Dope Context / Chris De Sa
  • Pardoning People Who Once Offended / Yoko Murphy, Jane B. Sprott and Anthony N. Doob
  • Book Review: Remorse, Penal Theory and Sentencing by Hannah Maslen / David Cole
  • Book Review: Showing Remorse: Law and the Social Control of Emotion by Richard Weisman /
  • David Cole

McGill Law Journal
Volume 60, Number 2 (2015)

  • Less Evidence, Better Knowledge / Kenneth M. Ehrenberg
  • De l’ombre à la lumière : l’hypothèse de la renaissance de la filiation romano-germanique de la procédure civile Québécoise / S. Axel-Luc Hountohotegbè
  • “Third Parties” and Democracy 2.0 / Léonid Sirota
  • La réforme proposée du régime québécois de l’adoption et le rejet des parentés plurielles / Françoise-Romaine Ouellette et Carmen Lavallée
  • Designated Inhospitality: The Treatment of Asylum Seekers Who Arrive by Boat in Canada and Australia / Luke Taylor

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