Day: May 1, 2015

Foolish Friday

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis and Alan Kilpatrick

Sarah: I think we may all need a giggle today!  Is this David Hasslehoff’s comeback?

Alan: He has a new show in Finland. He is quite popular in Europe ever since he danced on the Berlin Wall. (Editor’s note: Alan just came back from a vacation in Finland.)

Sarah: This music video is for a short film called “Kung Fury” coming out for free on the internet this year. Hopefully the movie will be just as awesomely cheesy as the music video!”

Legal Research Video Series from Courthouse Libraries BC (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you looking to develop more effective legal research skills?  Consider checking out Legal Research Essentials: Finding Cases on Point from Courthouse Libraries BC.  This is a hands-on legal research course consisting of several video modules.  The video modules visually demonstrate how to search free legal resources like CanLII.  You can find the course online at

The course is hosted by Alex McNeur, a reference librarian with Courthouses Libraries BC.  Alex explains in the introductory video that the course is designed to help practising lawyers learn how to locate case law based on a particular fact pattern.  The course has four teaching objectives:

  • How to identify strong keywords for efficient research
  • How to use the keywords to find relevant cases
  • How to find related cases by noting up your case
  • How to check if the cases found are still good law

tip1May2015Each video of the course works towards resolving a particular legal scenario:   Does the engagement ring need to be returned if the wedding is called off?  Some of the course content has been specifically created for British Columbia lawyers.  However, members of the Saskatchewan Legal community should still find Legal Research Essentials: Finding Cases on Point extremely useful.

Did you know that the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library  has also created a series of video tutorials that demonstrate how to search CanLII and the Saskatchewan Cases Database?  Please comment below if you are familiar with any other helpful legal research video tutorials.