Asked & Answered from Courthouse Libraries BC

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you familiar with the Asked & Answered database from Courthouse Libraries BC?  If you are having difficulty with a challenging legal research question and not sure where else to turn, consider consulting Asked & Answered.  This searchable database features an assorted collection of research tips and answers to obscure legal questions.  Courthouse Libraries BC describes the helpful resource on their website:

Asked & Answered is collection of answers to tricky legal research questions. It works best if you search it.  Asked & Answered was originally developed as a private tool for Courthouse Library staff. We use it to keep track of tough-to-find answers. If you’ve searched everywhere else with no luck, it’s time to search Asked & Answered.

Asked & Answered can be browsed or searched by keyword.  It is available online at


The database answers questions about court attire, the legality of hitchhiking, and many other questions.  For example, one of the more interesting questions Asked & Answered addresses is whether it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch.


If you are stuck on a legal research question, I encourage you to consult Asked & Answered.

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