New Journal Issues – April 2015

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By Ken Fox

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 34, Number 2 (February 2015)

  • Sawdon Estate v. Sawdon: The Ontario Court of Appeal Rejects the Existence of any Pecore “confusion” / Donovan Waters
  • Executors’ and Trustees’ Compensation in British Columbia / Laura West
  • Personal Representatives’ and Trustees’ Compensation in Alberta / Nancy L. Golding
  • Personal Representatives’ and Trustees’ Compensation in Saskatchewan / Karen M. Crellin
  • Remuneration of Personal Representatives and Trustees in Manitoba / Anita Southall
  • Calculation of Estate Trustees’ Compensation in the Province of Ontario / Catherine Roberts

University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 65, Number 1 (2015)

  • The stripping of the trust: A study in legal evolution / Adam S Hofri-Winogradow
  • The fault of trespass / Avihay Dorfman & Assaf Jacob
  • How tort law empowers / Ori J Herstein
  • Book reviews 

Canadian Criminal Law Review
Volume 19, Number 2 (March 2015)

  • The Law of Minimum Sentences: Judicial Responses and responsibility / David M. Paciocco
  • Motive to Lie? A Critical Look at the “Mr. Big” Investigative Technique / Adriana Poloz
  • The Queen v. Demetrius Walker: A Cautionary Tale About Guilty Pleas and Sentencing in Absentia / Brian Manarin & Reem Zaia
  • Additional Creative 24(1) Remedies in Drinking and Driving and Other Charter Cases / Nick Kaschuk
  • Book Review: The Court of Appeal for Ontario Defining the Right of Appeal, 1792-2013 / Gilles Renaud

Canadian Journal of Family Law
Volume 29, Number 1 (2014)

  • Suppressing Damages in Involuntary Parenthood Actions: Contorting Tort Law, Denying Reproductive Freedom and Discriminating Against Mothers / Bruce Feldthusen
  • Rethinking Canadian Legal Responses to Frozen Embryo Disputes / Stefanie Carsley
  • Establishing Canada’s first integrated domestic violence court: Exploring outcomes, process and lessons learned / Rachel Birnbaum, Nicholas Bala & Peter Jaffe
  • A Relational Model of Family Lawyering: exploring the potential for education, practice and research / Jill Howieson & Lynn Priddis
  • Protecting Survivors of Domestic Violence within the Insurance Regime: Opportunities to Seek Termination or Variation of Insurance Contracts / Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey

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