Happy Anniversary CanLII Connects

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

CanLII Connects is celebrating the one year anniversary of its launch this month. It began last April with nearly 27,000 case summaries and commentaries and has now increased to almost 35,000. That is an increase of approximately 25 a day! Included is the entire Law Society of Saskatchewan case digest collection. The folks at CanLII Connects add the following:

CanLII Connects now has content for more than 32,000 decisions going back to the 19th century including summaries of nearly every major case covered in first year law school courtesy of the work of hundreds of law students. (numbers are approximate as they change daily)

The innovation of CanLII Connects to collect community created commentary creates a way to integrate legal blog content into the legal research process better by linking it directly to and from case law and content from other writers. We have been gratified to have CanLII Connects’ innovation recognized by others. We won a Clawbie award for the best legal blog aimed at a non-lawyer audience, with identified room to protest that it is aimed at lawyers too. And we launched with national news coverage, which has continued since then.

Congratulations on a promising first year. We look forward to what’s ahead. If you haven’t incorporated CanLII Connects into your research, check it out.

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