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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The CanLII website has several useful tools available for users that you may not be aware of that could be useful when conducting your research or preparing documents:

Browser Plugins

CanLII’s search engine supports the OpenSearch standard which, among other things, allows you to query various search engines directly from within your browser’s search bar without first visiting our Web Site

To install our OpenSearch plugins, please visit our Chrome 41 installation page.

If you believe we have incorrectly identified your browser, you may visit the appropriate page below:

RSS Feeds

You can be notified of recent changes to CanLII by subscribing to an RSS feed with your favorite RSS reader or aggregator. These feeds appear on the presentation pages of courts, tribunals, legislative databases and individual legislation. In addition, our search engine can provide an RSS feed for new decisions that would match a specific query.

For details, please visit our RSS feeds page.

Hyperlinking Tool

This tool automatically adds hyperlinks in your document to legislative and case law citations corresponding to materials posted on the CanLII website. This functionnality is powered by Lexum’s LexHub, the same technology that is used to add hyperlinks within CanLII’s decisions.

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